New Lunch

I am a new student to PDS this year and the school has changed the lunch program. I have had the school lunch twice and both times it has been really good. The lunch at my old school was not the best, if I do say so myself. At my old school, very few of the lunches were okay. I love this lunch program and the produce is all organic and local. The cafeteria is really cool too, with really cool tables that have the benches that are connected to the table. When we pay for our food we scan our finger to pay for our lunch, which is really cool too.

The New Lunch Program by Milo

When I heard about the new lunch program at school, I thought, “This is good.” But when I tasted the food on Tuesday I thought, “This food needs some thinking about because it isn’t the best.” But thankfully the food is healthier than regular school food and it it is getting better. Hopefully the food will get more tasty as the year progresses. If I don’t want school food I can always have my mother’s food. Well at least I have her food for a backup.


Scary Story

The Story of Cabin 51
The Story of Cabin 51

Mary was nervous. It was the day she was leaving for her first year at sleep away camp. When she asked her friends if they would like to come to the camp they shuddered. Ever since she had signed up she had been hearing voices in her head. They were getting louder and louder. Sometimes they’d tell her to not go to the camp, and other times they would say, “Enjoy your last days of life.”

Her mother said goodbye and put her on the bus. Four hours later she arrived at camp. She was the only one assigned to cabin 51. Cabin 51 looked dark and cold. It was right next to the woods with no cabins near it. She slowly walked in the door and looked around.  There were spider webs all over and mice running on the floor.

Then she heard the voices again and they’d say, “Why are you in my house… you will pay.” Mary didn’t know how to react. She couldn’t bear it any longer and she let out a ground breaking scream. That night she went to bed early, but she couldn’t sleep. She was tossing and turning, the voices getting louder and louder.

Then she saw it. It was walking towards her. She ran out the door and into the woods. It started chasing her. It was telling her to stop running, and its voice sounded just like the one in the head. Suddenly she tripped on something hard, and fell. There it was standing in front of her. Mary was too scared to move. Slowly it pulled a piece of paper from its coat, and handed it to her.

It said… Charles Gregory missing was last seen in Cabin 51.

Poltergeist Possession by Milo


It was a warm autumn day as Maia’s boots crunched the fallen leaves on the ground. She was on her way to Percy’s house for a sleepover. Maia came at 5:00pm with a sleeping bag and flashlight. Percy’s parents were out of town so he had invited Maia over. At 8:00pm the teens started watching a movie. Sounds like a normal sleepover… right?

About halfway through the film, a loud bang sounded from upstairs.
“What the heck!” exclaimed Percy.
Maia said, “I think I’ll see what caused that sound.”
“You sure?” asked Percy.
“Whad’a ya think …its a poltergeist or something?” replied Maia, smiling.

Moments later Maia returned wide eyed and staring as if possessed by a supernatural. In her sweaty hand was a  loaded  .3 caliber revolver.
“Uhhhhh … what’s that for?” asked Percy nervously. Maia did not say anything, but pointed the gun at him. “Why are you doing that?” asked Percy, more scared this time.
Maia said, “Die mortal die!” and pulled the trigger.

All  Percy saw was a flash as the bullet lodged in his lower ribs and blood dripped out. He sprinted down the street as Maia’s bullets trailed past him, pure terror in his heavy breath. He ran until he could run no more.

Percy never saw Maia again.   He and his family never returned to the house.  They moved to another house and his former house was purchased by another family.
His wound and ribs would take a long time to heal.
One night, while one of the children in their new home was having an average sleepover, something fell or was pushed upstairs and a boisterous bang sounded. At the exact time that the noise was heard,  Percy died of his pistol wound.

By Milo Himberger

Scary Story

It all started on a… WAIT!  I need to introduce myself before I tell you my story. Well, my name is Rosetta and I am a ten year old girl. To read this story, that’s all you really need to know.

Anyway, it all started on a scorching hot and humid day in July at my school’s summer book swap. I bought a book called The Key Keeper, and on the cover was a Victorian family posing in the middle of their living room. The man who sold it to me, recommended it and said that he had been trying to sell it for months. I started reading it that night and it was pretty good (for the most part) but when I was reading it I got a feeling that I was being watched.

The next morning it seemed as if the characters on the cover were bigger than the night before. At first I thought it was just me, but every day it seemed like the people were getting bigger and bigger. It really started to scare me! I told my mom about it but she said it was probably just me.

One morning I woke up and a family that looked like the characters in my book were walking around my room. I looked at the book and the family was not on the cover! All at once they all pulled out very sharp knives and started walking towards me.I ran out of my room as fast as I could ran into my parents room but they were not there! Suddenly the family came into my parents room. My parents and I were never seen again.

Many years later a boy bought a book at a summer book swap that had a girl

The Book
The Book

with blood stained clothes screaming on the cover.

The It

I’m going to tell you a story. When Mateo was thirteen he was walking through the forest with his friend Jack. They had gotten lost hours before and were getting tired. It was about eleven p.m. and they were getting scared, though neither of them were about to admit it.

“I’m hungry,” Mateo said.
“Then eat grass,” Jack retorted.

The It
The It

“You eat it,” He snapped back.
They had been arguing for hours because each thought getting lost was the others fault. Then, at that moment in time, they heard the most blood curdling scream they had ever heard.
“Did you hear that?” Mateo asked.
“Yes,” Jack said trembling.
“I know that I have been avoiding telling you this but I’m really scared,” said Mateo.
“Me too,” Jack said.
“I think that there’s something coming for us Jack. Something big!” Mateo said.
“I really think that this is the one time that I would ever scream. Before this day I never would have thought that,” said Jack.
“Me neither,” Mateo said.

That’s when they heard the growl. It was a tear jerking growl that made Mateo’s insides churn. Then they saw it but only for a mere second because by then it was upon Jack ripping him to shreds! Mateo didn’t believe what he was seeing. Jack tried to yell “Run Mateo run,” but he couldn’t hear it among the growls and screams.

“Aargh!” screamed Mateo. Then the screams stopped and he knew he had lost Jack. He started to cry but he couldn’t because he was frozen with fear. He had just noticed that it was looking at him. It pounced on him he just screamed and screamed and screamed but it did no good. It was on top of him, growling ferociously and that was the end of Mateo and Jack.

I am Mateo and this is my story.

By Elias Levey-Swain

New Lunch Program

The New Lunch Program

This year we made a lot of changes to the school and one of these changes is the new lunch program. Instead of always having to pay for our lunches with either cash, an IOU or lunch bucks now we have the choice of setting up an account online. Every time we pay for lunch, money is deducted. If you want to you can still pay with cash.We pay for our lunch by getting our finger scanned. You go up to this little device and put your finger on it and then your done. I have only had the lunch once but I thought that it was good. Also the actual lunch room has been changed. The tables are now a purple/blue color and the floor is made up of big blue and green squares. I am really excited to see how it all works out.

New Lunch Program

I like the new lunch program. I like it because it’s a lot more healthy and homemade. I really like that we have a BBQ on Wednesdays. I like that it is mostly vegetarian because it fits most peoples needs. I just wish that there would be a second pasta dish that doesn’t have tomato in it because a lot of people don’t like tomatoes (including me). I think that it is cool that we have trays now because we used to have to balance a lot of stuff in our arms. Overall, I like the new lunch program.

Lunch Program

Lunch Program

This year Poughkeepsie Day School has a new lunch program. The new lunch provider redid all of the tables and counters.  The new lunch programs food is usually good. I think that it is a massive improvement. We got new tables and they have built in benches so we don’t have to stack chairs, took away all of the chairs and replaced them with benches so we don’t have to stack them. The food is usually a bit over cooked and the soups could use some improvement, but overall I think it is good.

Scary Story Golden Tooth


One ordinary morning, an ordinary boy, was walking his ordinary dog, in his front yard, until…. The boy froze as he saw his new neighbor.
“Hi I’m Jack and this is my dog Trooper.”
“Hello I am um.. Nate.” Jack notices something sparkling in Nate’s mouth but he just ignores it.

The Golden Tooth
The Golden Tooth

“Um Nate I have to go get my breakfast I’ll see you around.. I guess.”

That night while Jack cleans his green braces he starts to think about how strange Nate seemed.
“Why did he hesitate so much when he told me his name?”
“What was that sparkling thing in his mouth?”
“I got it… no he couldn’t be.”

The next morning, Jack saw Nate standing in the same spot as yesterday. Jack blinked and Nate was gone! Jack went outside and saw an arrow pointing down the road towards the North woods. He followed the arrow down to the woods and all of the sudden he fell down in pain. His jaw felt like it was breaking.

Then all of a sudden…
“Hello again Jack.”
“Whats happening to me Nate?!”
“Don’t call me Nate call me Nathan.”
“The curse has finally been lifted from me!” Nathan smiles and is wearing Jack’s green braces!
Nathan hands Jack a mirror and all that Jack sees in his mouth is one glimmering golden tooth.
Nathan starts to walk away while Jack is frozen in shock.

That day, the next year, on an ordinary morning, an ordinary boy, was walking his ordinary dog, in his front yard until…. He saw his new neighbor Jack.

By Chris