Tuesday, November 9th

Weekly Review written by 6th grade

Our 6th grade humanities class just finished our first test of the year on the Lucy videos. It was fair and not to difficult for us to complete. The next day, we picked another article from Newsweek to present to the class.  Before our presentation, we summarized the facts in bullet notes and now we are writing paragraphs about it. We started to read a new book on Greek Gods and Goddesses by W.H.D. Rouse and are comparing it to another Greek book on Gods and Goddesses by D’Aulaires.

This past week we also Skyped with a class from MO. We talked to them about our towns and our school and they responded with information about their school and local area. They were surprised to find out that we call our teachers by their first names and we do not wear uniforms. We all thought it was fun and educational to communicate with them.

All 6th grade students recently took part in family conferences. This is a time where students discuss how they are doing in all subjects with their parents and adviser. Today we looked at a Turkish blog from a university in Istanbul and we are going to comment on their posts.

Pictures! By Kate

Photo on 2010-04-26 at 19.56 #2

Creative commons is a place where you can find pictures that you can use in blogs, Wikis etc. All you do is search a picture type that you are looking for. If I was looking for farm animals, I would search farm animals and on the pictures’ description it would state if it is copyrighted. It is illegal to use a copyright picture unless you sight the image. Creative commons has sites where you can get a photo. Some useful sites are flickrcc, Google Imagescc and BlueMountaincc.

This is a picture I took so I do not need permission to use it.

Ramapo by Deanna

Dear Sam and Ramapo friends…

I had a great time in Ramapo. I really liked the things we did  about Team work and that’s good.  Working hard is fun and exercising is very good for you. I also like how we played Camouflage…I think that’s right?

I loved the lunch at Ramapo. I also like how the hot dogs were not pork because I can’t eat pork. I also like how we had  a choice of salad bar and lemonade.

I think it was cool how we were encouraged to try the high ropes course and how Joe tried it and how we could rely on our team. I hope to go back to Ramapo again so that’s all I have to say.

Hope you and your  friends have a great time at  Ramapo.


Using Pictures on Blog Posts by Colin


Putting pictures on blogs is a great way to add more meaning to your post. Adding pictures also just makes the post more interesting and fun to look at. Once you are finished with you post, you can insert a picture by clicking the picture button where it says add media.

However, when you are putting the picture on your blog, you first have to make sure it isn’t copyrighted (which means you cannot use or reproduce it.) Once you have a picture that isn’t copyrighted you can copy and paste it on to you post. There are certain sites where you can get pictures that aren’t protected by copyright. Creative Commons and flickr CC are great ways to get pictures that aren’t copyrighted.

I got this picture from flickrCC

It is called B17 and is by Andrew Pescod


Posting with CC photos by Andrew

Posting with photos is fun but you have to be careful. If you take a photo off the Internet make sure it’s not copyrighted or that you have permission to use it. If you take a photo off the Internet without permission you can be fined. The good part about taking photos off the Internet is it makes whatever you are talking about easier to understand and there are sites that you can look at, that are specifically for usable-copyrighted photos.

Copyrighted means someone owns that photo, slogan, or name. Good sites to find pictures are CC sites. This is Creative Commons that allows you to use their pictures. It depends on the CC on what you can do with the photo, slogan, or name. It is ok to use them, but you can’t change them, or do anything with them. If you don’t get permission you could get fined a lot of money depending on the copyright.

This is from flikrCC

It is called Websters Falls Revisited and is by Paul Dex

websters falls revisited

Pictures by Elias

I think that we should put more images in our blogging posts because pictures help to describe words. We should have them also because they can take something really boring and turn it into something really fun. I also think that they are good because they give you a picture of what you are reading.
I like to take my own photographs and post them. I like it because it’s fun to take them and I like them because they’re more personal than taking something off the Internet. It shows that you really care about the thing that you are writing about.
When you use pictures, you have to use either your own pictures or pictures from an organization called “Creative Commons.” Creative Commons is an organization that people put there pictures on. People put their pictures on sites and then they let other people use them. You can’t just take other pictures from the Internet because of Copyright laws.

This is my own picture that I took with my friend, Stella.


Skype by Elias

I wasn’t here when we Skyped with the other class but I use Skype all the time at home. I think that it would be a good idea to use it in class. I think that we should use it for a pen pal type tool. I think we should all get a partner in the other class and we use Skype to communicate with them.
We could use Skype in class so Shirley could teach us how to transfer quickly from text language to grammar. I think that we should all get a Skype account and use it for getting homework if we were absent or did not get it in class.

How to add pictures to blog posts by John

Pictures can be used to illustrate an idea, show how to do things, make a blog post look better and add a theme to a post. Most pictures people use are from Google Images. Many people do not know that these pictures are not for anyone to use and are often Copyrighted! Copyright means that you cannot use the picture. If you use these images you can be in serious trouble. You can get pictures that are not copyrighted lots of ways. Well, option one is you can take your own picture. Option two is you use pictures that are from Creative Commons. These are websites that have pictures you can use and are for everyone. One popular CC (Creative Commons) website is Flickrcc. Flickrcc is a Creative Commons’ website and anyone can use the pictures on it.

I found this picture on flikrCC

It is called P-38 Lightning “Marge” and is by D. Sheley

P-38 Lightning "Marge"

Pictures by Blade

Alert! Alert! Always obey the rules of copyrighting! You can never…ever use someone’s picture without their permission! If you are needing a picture on the Internet, you have to go on a website that has pictures that have CC next to it somewhere. CC means CREATIVE COMMONS. Always look for this on the website! You can get a fine for not doing this so always follow the COPYRIGHT RULES!!!!!!!!!! (In the beginning of some movies you might see a warning talking about COPYRIGHT!)

CC is very helpful in some situations. If you don’t want to have to go through all of the copyright laws, then use a picture that has CC on it. That’s one of the many reasons why you need to use pictures with CC. If you don’t, that means that you are using someone else’s pictures without giving them credit!! That is very bad and you WILL get fined by the GOVERNMENT!!!!

This picture is by Nicolas Hoizey

I found it on flikrCC

It is called Fluorescent Jellyfishes

Fluorescent Jellyfishes

Pictures on Blogs By Hayley

We are starting to put pictures on our blogs. There are two sites called flicker-cc and creative commons that we might start using.  On the sites there are two little c’s (cc) which means creative commons. That way you know that using the picture is legal and safe.   There are copyright laws that say you can’t just grab pictures off of websites. Copyright in-fragment is illegal, because you are supposed to give the website credit for using their pictures. Before you take pictures off of google images, yahoo images, etc.  You should call or email them to see if you can use their pictures or see if the pictures have creative commons.