Win Win Win By Zander

Hello! I’m Zander from Blogging has changed my life at home and at school. Everyday when I come home from School, my mom asks me, “What did you do in school today?” I used to say things like, “I did math, I wrote, I did social studies, etc.” I have to say, School was boring. I only wanted to go to see my friends. Now that I blog, I say things like, “I wrote to a blog in Singapore and I got a comment from Sydney, I made an avatar, I completed a challenge!”

Now school is so much more interesting! At school, in Humanities class we spend about 100 minutes blogging, posting and editing. School is so much more interesting because I do so many cool things with so many classes from around the world. At school, it almost seems normal that you get a comment from another country or class. I love blogging and the challenge.

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One thought on “Win Win Win By Zander

  1. Hi Zander, it is excellent to hear that blogging has made school more interesting for you and that you have enjoyed connecting with students around the World.

    And thanks for entering The Edublogger competition!

    Sue Waters

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