My favorite Web 2.0 Tool by Elizabeth

My favorite web 2.0 tool is Google Docs. I like it because it lets us write things online, and we can choose who can see it. Also, because we can share our writing online, we don’t have to print, which saves a lot of paper. We can let whoever we share the document with edit our writing. Also, at home, I can do my homework and turn it in without having to take it to class. A classmate can look at my work without me having to e-mail it or print it out. Google Docs. isn’t flashy or colorful, but I think that it really helps get work done quickly and efficiently.

My Favorite Web 2.0 tool By Kristi

Our favorite 2.0

My favorite 2.0 tool  is the class blog. I like the blog because you can usually blog about anything that happened to you or what happened to you that day. I usually like to blog about what happened to me that day because some amazing things happen to me. The amazing things usually happen to me when I’m with my horse. I also like to see what other people say on the blog and some of the things that I see on the blog are very interesting to read. I really enjoy blogging because i get to talk to people all over the world!!!

Favorite web 2.0 tool By Joe P.

My favorite 2.0 tool this year was the blog. The blog allows my class to share our work with the whole world. I picked this as my favorite one because it has so many tools and convenient things. There is always something you can change. When you keep updating your blog, you will find that lots of people view it and comment on other posts. My class enjoys this very much because we realize and learn so many things about blogging and technology. With this blog it is also a way to save paper. Instead of maybe putting your writing in the newspapers or journals you can just look at a blog. I look at this blog as an opportunity for people to find out about my writing. I think maybe you can become writers from blogs! There is so much on blogging and this is why it is my favorite 2.0 tool!! 🙂

My favorite web 2.0 tool by Alexander

I like Glogster the most. It is cool having an online poster that lots of people can see. You can make an educational poster, a joke, a fun topic you like or anything in your mind! It is also fun being able to share it with your friends and get feedback from them. You can decorate it to your liking and add photos, text and all sorts of links and widgets. Making an account is easy and if you are a teacher, your students can sign up for the educational Glogster and if you just want to do glogging for fun, feel free to sign up for the normal Glogster. It is great for showing your work in a more fun way then just a plain page with just writing and pictures. Edmodo is a good educational social network and it is fun for talking, but you can’t share all the things you can put in a glog. Google Docs is good for writing but its hard to upload images and you can’t really show everyone your doc because you can only share it to contacts. Glogging is a great tool that will help you in so many ways. If you make a good enough glogs, it could even possibly promote your business. Join Glogster and make life so much easier!

Favorite web 2.0 tool blog post by Clay

My favorite 2.0 tool this year was the Google Docs. It allows me to save paper and save other resources. The Google Docs allows you to share your work to different people.The good part about the Google docs is it saves by itself so you don’t lose any work. I also don’t have to worry about forgetting to print  and leaving my homework at home. Google Docs are also easy to to post on blogs and Animoto. Another interesting thing that Google Docs has is that two people can edit on the same page. In the future I hope people will you use Google Docs or a different writing platform to save paper. Instead of people printing trillions of copies of newspaper, we can use computers or blogs to write our news instead.

My favorite web 2.0 Tool. By Adrian

I like Edmodo because it is like a giant Google Chat. Everybody in our class can communicate with each other and we can have class discussions and chat with our friends in case we need help with work. Another thing is that we can put pictures as our avatars and they can be pictures of whatever we want it to be. It is like a safe version of FaceBook but more kid friendly for us. We are still a bit new to this but I think It will become useful  the more we use it.  Edmodo is awesome!

Favorite web 2.0 tool by Ben

My favorite 2.0 tool is the blog. The reason I choose blogging is that it has so much in one package. You can write posts, update your blog, customize your profile, comment on other peoples posts and make worldwide friends. The blog can also be used for educational purposes. You can learn about other peoples cultures and teach people about yours. It is the ultimate web 2.0 TOOL!!

My Favorite Web 2.0 Tool by Stella

My favorite web 2.0 tool is Google Docs. I like this tool because it automatically saves all of your work every couple of seconds. I also like it because it is easy to use and has easy access from any computer with internet access.. We do most of our homework assignments on Google Docs, so instead of fumbling through my back pack to find the homework I can sign on to Google, and there it is! I didn’t know about Google Docs until this year and I am really happy that I found out about it!

My favorite Web 2.0 Tool By: Hayley

My favorite web 2.0 tool  that we have used so far was the Voki. I liked using the Voki because it was fun creating my own little animation and putting my writing  into it. I also liked seeing everyone’s Vokis. It made it more fun listening to the writing and it also gave something to look at. Another reason why I liked it is because just listening to someone read can sometimes get a little boring, and with the Voki it was a change in the usual reading. Those are a few reasons why the Voki is my favorite web 2.0 tool that we have used so far.

Favorite 2.0 Tool by Milo

My Favorite 2.0 Tool
My favorite tool is a Prezi. It is a slide show that you make on the Internet and you can put movies, music, pictures and all sorts of multimedia. I have only used it once though, that was when I make a presentation on a community service project that I had taken part in. One convenience that it has is that it takes care of the transitions between slides. Which if you did it on PowerPoint then you would have to do it yourself. You can find this at I seriously recommend it to you if you need to make a presentation.