challenge # 10 by:Blade Kalb

The edublogs challenge was so much fun! I got 11 comments on all of my posts together. Three of them are not school based! The other eight were based on school (or school related.) I got 7 comments from my classmates. I got 1 comment from an overseas student. I got 1 comment from my dad. I also got 1 from a kid in my school that is in high school. Last but not least I got a comment from Sue Waters!!!!

I got the most comments on my Summer Fun post! I am not so sure why because even though I worked hard on it, I did not find it that interesting! I definitely found my scary story writing very fun! I liked writing that because it was a big challenge for me. We did not change our themes. It would have messed up our blog. We have 11 widgets on our blog! I think that it is a perfect number (although I don’t know a a lot about that)! I LOVE BLOGGING!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a link to challenge # 10!

2 thoughts on “challenge # 10 by:Blade Kalb

  1. Hi Blade,
    You are a very special boy and have a wonderful life ahead of you. You have a family that loves you very much and thinks about you every day. I love you with all my heart and soul.
    Aunt Cindy

  2. Hi Blade, You are a very smart & precious teen. I know that you’ll excel at any endeavor that you follow. You do have a family that loves you very dearly, and who never forgets you. I love you too, so very, very much! Hugs. Love Always, Aunt Sharon P.S. Have a Very Happy Birthday on 4/17

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