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My name is Aidan and I live in the Hudson Valley near Wappingers Falls.  I am ten years old and go to PDS in upstate N.Y. I have two siblings; one brother who is three and a sister who is seven. My favorite kinds of food are, Italian and Mexican.

Some of the best places I’ve been to are, Death Valley, Disney world, Zion Canyon and Bryce Canyon. Death Valley is in California and Nevada. Disney World is in Orlando, Florida. Zion Canyon  is in Utah and Bryce Canyon is in Utah.

I have been playing the violin for 5 ½ years and have been playing the piano for around 2 ½ years.

I have been playing sports since I was five. My first sports were soccer and baseball. After one year, I stopped playing little league and played a lot of soccer and took swimming lessons. Now I swim and I play tennis and soccer. I’m going to start racketball in a few weeks.

My friend who lives in Maine got me into W.W.E. wrestling. When I go to his house, we wrestle in the backyard and watch Friday night Smack-down on T.V. I’ve known him since I was five and now we think of each other as cousins.

I started skiing when I was five. I can do all types of trails. My favorite ski mountains are Stratton and Bromley. My sister skis most trails but not all. My favorite trail ever is the Run Around, which is a green trail that is great for bombing at Bromley. I like it because it takes you all around the west side of the mountain and a bit off the mountain.

When I grow up I want to be a rock star or a professional skier in the Olympics. By the time I’m 25 I want to have a good band or by the time I’m 35 I want to have competed in at least 25 major ski competitions. I plan on starting guitar lessons in a year. I want to start guitar lessons because its an easy instrument to sing and play at the same time

Something I want to do before I’m 25 is go H.A.L.O. diving. I want to go H.A.L.O. because my cousin did it in New Zealand and he said it was really fun. H.A.L.O. diving is a special kind of sky diving. You jump from so high you need air tanks. I think you jump from a round 25,000 feet but I’m not sure.

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2 thoughts on “Myself – Aidan

  1. Hi Aidan,

    You have an interesting story. We hope you get to do the music and skiing just like you want to. Halo Diving may be better suited to others (we hope).

    Today we are learning a lot about your school and it is a great place. We hope you take advantage of all the opportunities here.

    Love you,

    Colin and Stacey

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