Myself – Cory

My name is Cory. I live in the Hudson Valley and go to PDS.  I was born in California but then moved to New York when I was little.  When I was in kindergarten I moved to Japan and lived there for a year.  While I was in Japan I went to school there.  I learned their culture and also learned to speak Japanese.

Every year in the summer, I go to Japan to see my family, I also go to California and Hawaii to see my other family in the winter.  This summer I went to sleep away skateboard camp in Pennsylvania for the first time and I also went to sleep away football camp at University of Connecticut.  I like to go to amusement parks like Six Flags, Lake Compounce, Disney World and many more.

I like to play soccer, baseball and love to skateboard. I also enjoy playing video games, eating a lot of food, going to the arcade and hanging out with my friends.

I have been collecting baseball cards for five years. I started collecting baseball cards because my grandpa collected baseball cards since he was a kid.  Then he showed some cards to my dad and then finally my dad gave my brother and me some baseball cards, and I’ve been collecting them ever since.

Blogging Challenge Week #1

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  1. Hi Cory,

    It’s good to see that you are already doing so much writing at PDS. You are such a creative writer. We are looking forward to reading the stories you will write this year. Have fun!


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