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Hello! My name is Dylan and my favorite foods are ziti, sushi and Chinese food. My favorite color is green. I like to play football with my friend Matthew at recess. I’m learning to play the guitar. I like making wooden swords but now I’m working on a metal sword.

My hobby is playing with or fixing r/c cars, trucks, planes etc. My favorite things over all are cars. I like designing cars and making models of them. My favorite type of car is a McLaren f1, Bugatti Veron, Aston Martin, Ferrari California and Rolls Royce. My favorite thing to do on a bike is bmx around. My favorite type of motorcycle is a Ninja.

I have a dog named Comet and he is like my brother. He liked to sleep in the living room until I put his bed in my room near a window so he can look outside. Comet runs so fast that I have to run to see him but never get close to him.

I love to snowboard at Thunder Ridge. The tricks that I can do are a 180, 360, 180 or 360 tail grab, shifty rocket man, one hand grab flip, FS lip and I can tree surf. Tree surfing is when you snowboard on a tree full of snow and its not really a trick but is fun.  FS means front side. A tail grab is when you grab the tail of your board, A shifty rocket man is when you go of a ramp and grab the tail of your board and lean forward so your board is on a right angle and that’s the shifty way if not a shifty its the opposite directing. An FS lip is on a grind rail when the lip of your board is only the rail.

Blogging Challenge Week #1

5 thoughts on “Myself – Dylan

  1. Great post about yourself, kiddo! I loved reading about your favorite cars and motorcycles. I didn’t realize how much you’ve learned in snowboarding … keep up the great work!

  2. Great blog, Dylan! How do you make a metal sword? You certainly know a lot about cars and especially snowboaring. But how in the world do you tree surf? Are you up in the air, or is the tree fallen on the ground?

    Are you all ready for Halloween? We are leaving tomorrow to go trout fishing in Ohio. Hope we catch some! The weather doesn’t seem too promising.

  3. Chelsea: My favourite colour is green too. Your dog sounds fun to play with and I like his name, Comet.
    Nataleeah: You sound really sporty and you must like snowboarding alot! I’m not a fan of snowboarding and thats beacause I have never done it before.

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