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Hi! My name is Elizabeth but my friends call me Lizzy. I’m in sixth grade and just started middle school. I was really excited about middle school and it is proving to be just as good as I thought! One thing that I already love about it is that I have more choices. I just submitted my choices for my arts classes and I’m excited to see what I get! One of my goals this year in school is to learn more interesting and better vocabulary to use in my writing.

My favorite color is blue and I love to dance and play piano. I perform in recitals and an annual Nutcracker at the Bardavon Opera House. My biggest accomplishment so far is performing with the New York City Ballet during their appearance at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, NY. Over one hundred and fifty girls auditioned for this and I was one of only thirty four selected.  I’ve been taking ballet for seven years and now I’m starting Pointe! Pointe is when you go all the way up on your tip tip tippitty toes. I’ve been studying piano for a couple of years too. I like to play Jazz and Classical piano.

Some of my other interests include reading, math, cooking, baking and crafts. I love to make cupcakes, which was inspired by watching Cupcake Wars, and to help my mom with dinner. Also, I like to use modeling clay to make clay food. Math is my favorite subject in school because I always want to know more about it and there’s so much to know! Currently, I am reading Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and I am enjoying it. When I read a book I get so wrapped up in it and sometimes I can’t stop!

I have a really big dog named Bode. He is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He is really cute but takes up a LOT of space. When I sit on the couch he’ll plop himself right on top of me. He’s one hundred and fifteen pounds and only four years old. I used to have two cats named Pooky and Aja but they died a little while ago. I also used to have two fish named Angelina and Jet. Angelina was a pink, blue and red beta. Jet was a red and blue beta.

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