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Hello! My name is Remy and this is a little about me. I’m very excited that I just started another school year at PDS  because I like to learn.  I really have fun learning in school and since that’s all I do, I’m happy when I go home. While I’m in or out of school doing homework, I work really well if I listen to classical music. I think I like to listen to classical music while I’m working because for the past four years my mom has played classical music on the piano whenever I do homework.

Whenever I have free time, I always play sports. I like to play all sports except for hockey. I don’t like hockey because it is way to rough for me. My favorite sports are soccer, football and ping pong. I’m on a soccer team called the Pleasant Valley Cobras. The main reason I like these sports are because I’m really good at them and I get to play them a lot. In addition to playing sports, I like to garden. I have my own garden at my house that I’m actually adding onto in the next couple of weeks. In my garden I’m growing tomatoes, chives, garlic chives, thyme, sacred basil, sage, dill, peppers, rosemary, basil, strawberries, peppermint and parsley.

My family consists of five people. My dog, my dad, my mom, my sister and me. My favorite color is magenta and my favorite food is sushi. I have been to lots of places all over the world with my family, like Turkey, Audresselle, France etc. I have 3 pet guppies in my room. I used to have 50 but then some died, and died, and died. Sometimes I go and play the drum set or the Djembe which is an African drum. I have all these drums because I take drum lessons with Paul the drum teacher at PDS. I love technology and I think I’m pretty good at using it because this is my second year being dubbed tech assistance by my advisor. Since I love technology I have a lot of it. I have a computer, itouch, kindle, a couple phones that don’t call but still work and a couple hand held video games.

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2 thoughts on “Myself – Remy

  1. Hi Remy,

    We’re so glad you like school. This blog is really cool. Shirley is great. She’s so excited about the Medieval curriculum that now includes Europe, Islam and China. The course has gone global!

    It is great that you’re interested in so many things and I like what you said about your affinity for classical music.

    Rock on dude.

    Mama and Baba

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