Myself – Samantha

Hi! I’m Samantha and I’m 11 years old. I was born on March 10 and I’m in six grade. I go to a school called PDS and I learn so much there. The things I learn are art, math, P.E.,music and a lot of other fun things. My favorite subjects are math and art. I love art and math because they are fun and easy to learn.

I live with my family in LaGrange which is a really pleasant town. I guess LaGrange is close  to Hopewell Junction.  In my family ,there’s my mom, my dad, my two sisters. and me. My sisters are twins and they are nine years old. My family and I have one dog, one cat and two love birds. The cat is mine and her name is Diamond. The dog is my dad’s and his name is Romeo. The birds are my sisters and their names are Tweety and Perky.

My favorite sport is soccer because it’s fun to run and try to score without your hands. In soccer I usually play defense. My team is the Red Fury and it’s a travel team. I also like tennis but only wii tennis because wii tennis requires no effort (I love using no effort).

My favorite food is pizza and ice cream. I like them because they are junk food and it all tastes good to me. I love this restaurant called Paneira Bread because it has great salad and great sandwiches. I also like Subway because it is yummy and healthy.

Blogging Challenge Week #1

One thought on “Myself – Samantha

  1. Hey Sam I love your Bio. Great work, keep up the good work.

    See I knew you liked Subway. Busted. Love Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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