After School Activity – by Remy

I love getting out of school at the end of the day. I am very happy because I have learned a lot that day but also relived to be able to do what I wish. I usually go into the library at school to do homework. I like to do homework in the library instead of at home so my sister doesn’t bother me. After I am done with homework I bike home. I like to bike home at the end of the day because it gives me some exercise but it is only 1.5 miles so it is not too far. After I get home I’ll do my favorite thing if the weather is good, garden. I will go to my garden and pick some fresh veggies or herbs to eat for dinner, like parsley, tomatoes, basil etc. Some other days I have soccer practice and soccer games. I love everything that I do after school except for staying up until 10 PM doing homework.

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