If I Could Learn Anything…….by Erika

If I could learn anything, I would like to learn why so many people bully each other. Everyday there are some kids bullying others, and it’s  not fair to other people that see it. Most of the time, when kids are being bullied, they should tell a teacher, their parents, or any other adult that can help them. But they are too worried that they will be called tattle-tales, so they feel nervous to speak up. Maybe when I grow up, I would like to learn how to teach kids to do the right thing and not bully other people. By doing this, it would help a lot of kids understand that bullying is the wrong thing to do, and they should think of something nice to say or do. But if they can’t do that, then they don’t have to do anything at all. I would also talk to their parents and let them know that their child has been mean to other kids, and that they should talk to them about it if they haven’t already. In part of my life, I have had so many bullying issues. But since I started going to school at the P.D.S.  I have felt comfortable and have not had people saying mean things to me every second. Here at PDS, there are a lot of nice people and we use kind words and respect each other. But, if a kid was being mean to another kid, they would deal with the issue and tell the bully to stop. However, at my old school, I was worried I was going to be a tattle-tale, just like how I talked about this earlier.  I was uncomfortable, because nobody dealt with any bullying problems that I had. Anyway, since I had this problem when I was younger, this is what I want to learn more about when  I get older. I hope to be able to learn enough about bullying to develop a bullying programs that can be used in schools to help the victims and bullies feel better.


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