After School Activities – Dylan

When I get home from school, I do my home work and play video games or go outside. My favorite video game is Halo Reach. I won’t explain the game but I like it. I also play a football game  called Madden 10. I would really like to start playing a live game of football, not just a video game. My favorite position would be wide receiver or quarterback. I throw pretty far and catch the ball 80% of the time. I want to practice football more but the school needs to have a team and a field. I don’t practice at home because no one likes football there or wants to play. Football is my number one sport. My brother inspired me to play because he played football in high school. I trained with him at five years old and now I’m almost 12. My brother and I are ten years apart. He is now 21 years old.

Challenge #4

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