Blogging Challenge by Leif

Activity four
My life long dream is to fly like a bird. I can’t do that so I want to learn how to skydive and hang-glide. I was going about this goal by trying to get my dad to sign me up for it. That’s when my dad found out that you have to be 21 to skydive. He didn’t get that info about hang-gliding but you had to be like 16 or 18 and I didn’t get all the details. That’s when I realized I could go on the giant zip line in my community but I had to be 12!  I kept waiting and waiting and here I am now still waiting because I’m not twelve yet. I will keep persisting toward my goal, to fly!

One thought on “Blogging Challenge by Leif

  1. Hi Leif!

    Goals are great, and persistence and effort are the way you’ll reach them! I think the zip line is a good place to start, though to my mind it seems like hang gliding would be harder than sky diving, and maybe more fun, too. I hope you don’t have to wait until you’re 21 for all of them–that’ll be a busy birthday, if so!

    See you in a few weeks.

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