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What I Do After School By Erik

Hi, my name is Erik and this is what I do when I get home from school.On Mondays when I get home from school I like to do my homework first thing so I don’t have to worry about it later and then I have more time to do stuff.  On Mondays I don’t have any sports so what I do after my homework is finished is play with Legos, practice piano, play outside, watch t.v, play video games or play with my dog, Tsunni.  Then I have dinner.  We don’t usually sit around a dinner table unless someone is sleeping over or if friends or family visit so instead we use t.v tables.  We just sit on the couch, eat and watch some t.v.  After that I wash all the plates, get ready for bed so if I have time I just watch some t.v. I do the same thing on Tuesday and Wednesdays.

On Thursday and Friday my schedule is a little different.  I have football practice on both of those days so when I get home I have a snack, get dressed for football and go.  I am on the New Paltz Hurricanes and we have a very good team.  We are 2-1-1. Those numbers are my teams score .  That extra 1 is for when we tied last Sunday.  The good thing about that game is that I had 1 and a ½ of a sack (when you tackle the quarterback).  We are in second place too! :)

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  1. Laurie Hedlund Said,

    November 27, 2011@ 9:45 am      

    Hi Erik, I am so excited because this afternoon we are going to the Pop Warner football banquet at Mohonk Mountain House. Not only are we going to have delicious food and amiable company, but I think you (and all the players )are going to get a trophy.

  2. Laurie Hedlund Said,

    November 29, 2011@ 2:52 pm      

    Hi again Erik. Well, not only did you get a trophy for playing football, which everybody got, but you got a Pop Warner scholastic achievement award that not everybody got! I am so proud of you, Erik. You do your homework on time without even being reminded!

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