Activity Challenge #8 By Manny

My mom’s name is Mette and she is a Physical Therapist. She was a dancer and came to the U.S in 1987 to dance. She was born in Denmark and grew up there until she was 18. She met my dad, Ira, in New York.  He is a professional bass player and I love him very much. The bass is like a enlarged version of the cello. My dad loved my bunny Floppy, but he died. My sister, Amelia, is 13 and loves horseback riding. Her favorite food is fish and chips and we always get them in Cape Cod. Her cat’s name is Serena, and she’s paranoid. Together my family and I go on many vacations such as L.A. and Florida and annually to Cape Cod. We have a lot of fun just relaxing and reading on the hot beach. I love boogie boarding and I want to learn how to surf. My favorite place is probably The Four Seasons Hotelsin L.A.  It is so nice because they served us frozen grapes by the side of the hot tub, IN THE SUMMER!! I’ve never been pampered like that before in my life. They also had a spa there and fitness area, though my favorite part was the 87 DEGREES WARM OCEAN! It was possibly the warmest ocean I have ever been in. I felt like I was in a giant bathtub the size of heaven.This is the Hotel where we stayed…

One day my mom and I were walking on the beach at our hotel and we just had to take a picture of this view because you can literally see the storm coming towards us.

One thought on “Activity Challenge #8 By Manny

  1. Hi Emanuel,
    I remember our walk on the beach before the storm very clearly, it was amazing to see how quickly the clouds pushes toward the shore.
    Great memories…… and more to come in the future, I am sure.

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