Blogging Challenge Week 8 , Activity 7

Challenge week #8



My collage has labels of pictures which are the connections with my life.

  • My first picture is of two friends because I like spending time with my friends.
  • My second picture is of the computer which I use all through school and at home.
  • My third picture is of a basketball because I play lots of sports including: baseball , basketball , football and soccer.
  • The fourth picture is of The Walt Disney’s logo because I like watching movies especially with my family.
  • I also have a picture of a television because I enjoy watching TV.
  • I also have a picture of Barack Obama’s family because I like when my family spends time together.
  • The next picture is of the logo of a really popular video game called Modern Warfare 3 which is my favorite video game.
  •  The eighth picture is of Goofy because I like fooling around a lot.
  • The next picture is of trees and grass because I love climbing and jumping and being physical outside.
  • My last picture is of a school bus because I love to go to school every day



– two little boys by By slightly everything – From Flickr

– Apple mac book pro Img lightning , Desk lamp by Imglightning – From Flickr

– basketbal in motion by Candie_N  – From Flickr

– Nice view of Walt Disney Castle by Mohamad Bareth – From Flickr

– 82/365 by_rokinfree  – From Flickr

– 48-Call Of Duty Modren Warfare 3 Wii Ntsc by dd consle – From Flickr

– fathers Day by merfam – From Flickr 

–  goofy button by Sam Howzits – From Flickr

– Trees on Hardwick Heath by Martin Pettitt – From Flickr

– Whelled School bus-Right Front by Bill Wards Brickpile – From Flickr




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