Snow October by Xavier

I spent a lot of family time during the snowstorm. First  I went to my cousin Zamere’s house. Our parents were going to a funeral so we stayed at his house alone for a few hours. When Zamere’s parents came back from the funeral, mine came to pick me up soon after. When My parents got to the house, they said it was ok for me to stay longer so I did. An hour later, it started to snow. A couple of times the lights flickered at Zamere’s house but they never went out. After  three hours at Zamere’s house my parents called to say the roads were too bad so, I had to stay overnight. I like staying over Zamere’s house so we ate a lot of snacks  and  had fun playing video games. The next day my parents came to pick me up around 1 o’clock.

On Sunday, I hung out with my Dad watching movies, sleeping and reading. We have a generator so some of our electric stuff works but not all of it; our phones, internet and cable didn’t work, but we had heat and hot water.

On Monday I watched two movies with my parents, one of the movies was, The Social Network, which I liked a lot. It was about the process of creating Facebook. Monday night I went Trick or Treating with Zamere and my friend Tyrese. It was cool because this was the first time we got to walk around Beacon alone without our parents. I got a lot of candy and I had so much fun walking around Beacon.

All of our power came on Monday night and since then I’ve been reading, relaxing and watching some television. My last football game was cancelled on Sunday and my first travel team  basketball practice was  today (Wednesday).

I miss my friends at school, but I’m having a good time at home relaxing, sleeping late and spending time with my family.

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