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Edublogs post week 9Meteor Shower November 17thEvery year around this time we get a meteor shower. This meteor shower is called Leonid. This meteor shower is very bright but can still be blocked out by the moon. This time they’re will be a bit extra due to the comet called 55p/Temple Tuttle that passed earth and almost hit. A couple of pieces from this comet have joined the November 17th meteor shower this year. Now scientists think that the moon will block out most of our view of the meteor showerIf you are to miss this meteor shower there will be another coming in around December 14th. For that one the best amount you will see is 100 meteors per hour. Most meteors will come and go in a second if you’re lucky. The best way for you to see them is to get in a dark spot far away from buildings and trees. Face the opposite of the moon so it does not block your view of the great meteor shower.

Even if you miss all of them or you are not available you can always see it the day after because most meteor showers can be seen several days after. They can also be great for kids you can take a video from one of these links below and check it out your self.
ABC               USA today

Pembrokeshire Radio Society GCØEJE

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