Holiday Challenge – No school – by Dylan

In this snow storm, my mother and I were at home and my dad was working. My mom had to go babysit her friend’s two kids. She decided that she’d get there and talk but had to take care of me too. My dog and I camped out in the living room in my sleeping bag and my blankets and we turned on the fire. We huddled in my sleeping bag for about four hours before it got dark.

My dog ran behind the couch although the fire was warm and protective, like the dog. I heard fire trucks and police cars kept people away from downed power lines with the wailing of the sirens. My mom comes home a few hours later and we light up the house with medium sized lights. We could use the generator but we don’t know how to work it properly. I got a cold and it was then freezing to death I would not get up or eat.

The fire was warm, but not hot enough. Mom and I huddled close with the dog. We were covered in blankets and pillows but it’s still not warm enough. We could not call anyone because there was no phone, wifi service and no cell phones. When my dad got home he worked every were in the house. He hooked up the generator and powered most of the house but didn’t finish the drive way.

Thank you dad!


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