Holiday Celebration Blog Post – By Audrey

It is almost time for winter holidays, and there are lots of holidays of all different religions coming up. There are many different festivities and traditions, and I am going to talk about what I do during this time of year.

Since my parents grew up Christian, my family celebrates Christmas even though we are not very religious. We celebrate Christmas for the giving and the time with family, because almost every year I get together with my family and we all have a big celebration, even if it isn’t exactly on Christmas. This year, before Christmas, I went up to my aunt and uncle’s house for a big party with my grandparents and my cousin. I was very happy to be able to exchange gifts and play games with relatives I don’t get to see all the time.

Even though my family celebrates Christmas, we have some traditions, special only to us. For instance, my family usually has a Christmas Eve dinner of Squid soup,  because it is an italian tradition. Although this year we want something different. It is one of the only times we use the table in the dining room, because usually we don’t all have dinner together. But it is really nice to get together at the table!

Another tradition we have is opening the presents from relatives on Christmas Eve night instead of Christmas morning. We always open one present at a time in a certain order, and we all talk after everyone open’s each present. I love getting to open my presents a day early,and then waking up the next day to Santa’s presents, which are always unwrapped.

I don’t have many plans for New Years this year. I always watch the ball drop on television, even if the time is an hour earlier like it was in Chicago. I always spend time with either friends or family, and most times I stay up until twelve. But some years I’m so tired I fall asleep!

I am so excited for Christmas to come, and I wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!


From Flikr – Christmas Fireplace by Christian Marineau 


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