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Hi I am Khalil and during the winter break I don’t have any Holidays because my religion is Islam. In October I had my holiday called Eid. Eid actually comes twice in one year. The Eid that just passed is the one where Muslims celebrate the sacrifice of the prophet Ibrahim.

On the day of Eid my family has to wake up early to go and pray. The prayers are usually held at a hotel in a ball room. After we pray my family buys french toast bread, and my mom makes french toast for breakfast. My mom’s french toast is the best. After breakfast it is finally time to open presents. Last year I got 350 dollars and a Nexus 7 from, my parents and a laptop. On the actual day of Eid just my immediate family, meaning the people that I live with celebrate together, then the next day I would celebrate with the rest of my family. The best thing about celebrating Eid twice is I get double the presents.

So since I don’t have any holidays coming up I am going to Virgina to go snowboarding and snowtubing. I am really excited to go because it is my first time. I already have all of my gear and all that so I am ready to hit the slopes.   In my opinion the best part about the holidays is the food and getting together with my family. I think it is lots of fun to get together with my cousins and uncles and everyone else to celebrate a holiday.

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