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Hello my name is Bastien. In my family we have always celebrated Christmas. I have no religion but some of my relatives are Christian. I love celebrating Christmas because it is so peaceful and fun to hang out with family and friends. Receiving and giving presents is really fun to. In total, Christmas is awesome but more of that later. Now I’ll talk about what I do for Christmas.

I wake up on Christmas morning and run to get my brother. Then we go downstairs to see the gifts and the tree. After that we go wake up my mom and her boyfriend and my dad and my step mom and we all go have breakfast. While I’m eating, I see snow falling down outside the window. Then we go sit on the couch and open the presents. After breakfast, my dad my brother and my step mom and I go to the village of Kerhonkson, and my mom and her boyfriend meet us there later. When we arrive we hang out with some family and tons of friends.

Lots of friends give us gifts there to. Then we eat a big lunch and dessert. After that my brother, my cousins and I go outside and have a jumbo snow ball fight. Altogether we have a great time and play really hard and well. Christmas is so so so cool and I love it.


Picture by Kris de Curtis from Wikipedia

One thought on “Holiday Blog Post – Bastien

  1. Hi Bastien,

    I really like what you wrote about on your blog post. I also like how descriptive you were. You didn’t have run on sentences instead you took time to get to the next sentence. Overall I really like your blog post.

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