Over the holidays I usually just hang around my house until Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve my family and I decorate anything that can be and then watch Christmas movies. Then we go to bed and wait. I usually get up in the middle of the night because I get bored of waiting so I go and  see if anything is under the tree. If there isn’t I go back to bed, and if there is I go and sit in my bed and think of an excuse to get the rest of my family up without getting yelled at and delaying them even longer. Then I give up and just run into the room and do anything that I have to to get them up.

Then after an half an hour of persuading they get up and we go into the living room. Then we start to open up the presents. I open one and then wait for my sister to open all of hers before continuing. I do this so that my Christmas lasts longer than hers. Then when all of the presents are opened and I am checking them out my mom makes breakfast. Then we get in the car and start “THE JOURNEY”.

After one hour in the car we get out at my uncle’s house. To me it is like a mansion with a pool. The first thing that we do is go into the living room and open the presents that my dad’s family has for my sister and I. This lasts about 45 minutes before all the presents are open and looked at. Then we go into the dining room and have yet another breakfast. Then we get into the car again and start “THE JOURNEY PART TWO” .

We head to my grandparents’ house down in Pennsylvania. By the time we get there it is already dinner time. This is the final stop on “THE JOURNEY” so we get to relax when we get there. We do the same thing like at my uncle’s except this time we don’t eat breakfast………….. …………we eat dinner. Then after spending the night at my grandparents we start, yet again, “THE JOURNEY PART THREE” witch is back to my house. When we get home I enjoy the last part of my break and check out all of my new stuff.

The famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New York City

Picture from Wikipedia

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  1. Hi, I like how strategic you were. You have every scenario planned out for Christmas, and also how are you not car sick every year?

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