Holiday Celebration – Josephine

We all have different celebrations but whatever they are we all love them. So, how about Christmas? Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and also one of the only ones besides Easter that I have never had something bad happen. I just love Christmas and the fact that it is coming up makes me so happy, but also annoyed. I mean it is in seven days and I can’t wait that long. I mean really seven days! Yeah I said I love Christmas but you don’t know why so here it is.  A few days before Christmas we go Christmas shopping. We split up and get presents and I like this because then it is not just people in your family getting one we all do and that means more presents.

There are many reasons I like this holiday and there are many reasons it is one of my favorites. Well yes, there are presents and yes that is fun but I promise you when I say that I don’t want to be too cheesy and I think it is the truth that it is being with your family that really does count and I think I am so lucky because one of the best things about opening presents is your family being there to see what you think and your expressions of happiness, joy etc.

There are many reasons why I love Christmas but one thing and one thing only that you don’t even know is there sometimes well it is those old fashioned snow covered traditions. Don’t you just love them? Well, I least I do. You can have a lot of things, or not but those traditions and you will never forget them. Now some of my traditions are like cutting our own tree down and getting to open one present on Christmas eve that always seems to be pajamas  so we can wear them that night and many more like full waking up my parents before their ten cups of coffee and more, but if I said them all we would be here all day. I don’t know about you but I love Christmas and I hope you do too!

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