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The Holidays are my favorite time of year. My family celebrates Christmas.  I just love the smell of cocoa and hearing the Christmas songs in the background as I do my holiday shopping. My dad is friends with a family, the Kanes. We always go to their house for a party on Christmas day. I get a little bored at the party because I am the only kid my age but I still enjoy seeing the people I have known for about seven years.

The food at that party is amazing. They always have salmon, steak and more. The desserts are my favorite. The guests can bring a dessert to the party. It’s so cool trying all of the ones that look good. I can’t wait to see all of the people, eat food and have fun with my friends and family.

I also celebrate Hanukkah. My Mom, Dad and I always light the menorah and give each other gifts. I like celebrating two different holidays because I get to spend more time with my close friends and family. I know the holidays are not about the presents but I really like getting gifts and I think everybody does. I also feel really good when I give gifts to my friends, family and sometimes people who do not have as much. That’s what the holidays are about – family and giving.


                                                                                       By Yatharth from Wikipedia



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  1. I really liked how you described everything. It looks like you took time and effort in your blog post and that’s pretty amazing. It’s very nice that you feel good when you give gifts. You used a lot of description words for your post making it a little more interesting. – Maya

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