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This year I am really excited for break.

Every year I celebrate Christmas with my family. This year my grandfather is coming to celebrate with me, and my family. Every year on Christmas Eve we go to church at night (around 8:00) and sing Christmas carols with everyone. Usually people go to church at midnight but since I have two little sisters I have to go to the earlier mass. I am really hoping that it is going to be a white christmas.

 My birthday is two days after Christmas (December 27). My uncle and my cousins are coming on my birthday. We are going to have our big Christmas feast on that day because we will be with more family. One of the main dishes that we make as a family is my great grandmother’s (on my mothers side) cracker filling. We usually have the cracker filling on thanksgiving but since we were at my grandmother and grandfather’s (on my dads side) apartment for thanksgiving we did not. I am sooo excited for my birthday.

This year for the New Year I am going to Brooklyn to watch the ball drop (on TV). we are going to  maybe go out to dinner at a fancy place. I am going to sleep the night at my godparents house and maybe take a midnight walk around the city after the ball drops. In the morning we will probably go to the bagel shop, because it is a tradition. We will walk around the city for the rest of the day. At the end of the day we go home and go to bed early.

The author of this photo is Ingo Rickmann and the sight I got it from is

The author of this photo is Ingo Rickmann  – from wikimedia commons 

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