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Every year I celebrate Christmas with my family. My family is not Christian but we still celebrate Christmas, but not the religious part. This year my family got our Christmas Tree just a few days ago, but we still did not put it up yet. Once we put up our tree we place on the decorations.

Decorations include a bell, mice, a clock, etc. The bell is usually on there because, why not? It’s Christmas. A mouse for the mouse and the clock, and the clock for the mouse and the clock again. After the lights/decorations we put out cookies for “Santa” and carrots, which is the only thing left on the plate… mostly because my dad likes unhealthy things.

This year my parents said that I can help put the presents under the tree while my little brother is sleeping. For Christmas I asked for a guitar, a Parrot Bebop Drone, and a X-Box One – probably not <:. My brother asked for, well everything that I asked for. After the opening of presents my family will go see a Broadway Production in New York. This Christmas will be awesome!



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One thought on “Holidays – Christmas – Ethan

  1. Ethan, Nice job on the post, I don’t have much criticism for you. On the other hand I really liked hearing about what you wanted for Christmas.

    – Cole

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