Holidays – Julian

During the holiday break my family usually goes skiing in Vermont. Last year we didn’t go to Vermont because we had a dog and well, if we brought him to my aunts house… so last year we had a Christmas at home. My family celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah. Last year we got a big Christmas tree and my dog got stuck in it. Sometimes my family makes latkas for Hanukkah. When we go to Sugarbush, I usually do a winter camp where I go skiing with a few kids. The same kids are there with me every year so I have made some good friends.

There was one time when we had a Christmas at home, a bunch of my family members and a few of my friends came over. We got a really big table and we all ate. I don’t remember what we ate because it was a long time ago. After that dinner it took a long time to clean up.

This year me and my family are going to New Mexico for Christmas. We are going to ski a lot. While we are in New Mexico we are going to see my mom’s friend. I have never been to New Mexico. I wonder what it is like to ski there. My parents said there is good Mexican food there, as the name suggests.

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