My Holiday Celebration Blog Post -Ibrahim

During this season, there are no Islamic holidays. The closest celebration is in October. It is called Eid Al Fitr. On Eid Al Fitr, we go and pray a special prayer. It is really fun. I get to spend time with my family and friends and get to do a lot of fun activities.

 In the morning of Eid, all the boys in the house go to the mosque. When we get to the mosque, the Imam, leader of prayer, gives a long speech about Eid and why we do it. Then we pray a special prayer and go around the mosque and greet friends saying ‘Eid Mubarak’.  After going to the mosque, we go another place…the farm.

At the farm, it is a race to get to the stables with sheep, goats, etc. Why, you may ask? Well because everyone wants the best animal. The funniest part is when my dad, uncles, cousin, and grandpa go head to head with a lamb. After my family’s done picking, we take a nice and easy trip to the slaughterhouse. Trust me, if I was a lamb and people were trying to take me in there, I’d say that I deserved to at least struggle a little bit. Anyway, when the animals are in the slaughterhouse, the butchers point the lambs body to the Kabah in Makkah, and slit their throats. You can probably imagine what happens next. Once we’re through the slaughterhouse, we all smell like goats and are done.

We head home and jump into the shower to try and escape the horrid smells. After we’re done, we each don a Kurta, traditional Pakistani and Muslim clothes for men. We have a big feast and then we do the most important tradition in the book of our family traditions…the adults each take naps. The kids act crazy and we usually get in big trouble when the adults wake up. As you can see, Eid Al Fitr is quite eventful.

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