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In Japan I used to celebrate Japanese New Year. Japanese New Year is very different from American New Year. When I hear America New Year, I think about parties and the ball drop. When I think about Japanese New Year, I think about fancy food, fireworks, and festivals with drums. Japanese New Year is very different from America New Year.

First of all, I need to clean everything on New Year’s eve in Japan. I remember once that my sister got so obsessed with keeping the house clean that she attacked me with a vacuum cleaner. Just because I went in our room without washing my feet. It is the worst part of New Year. On top of cleaning the house we also need to make a feast for New Year’s morning. So all we do on New Year’s Eve in Japan is clean and cook all day. I know sounds horrible but don’t worry, later at night we get to watch TV all night. We watch a singing competition, white vs red. While watching TV we eat a special Japanese noodles called Soba. Soba noodles are said to make you live longer. We watch TV until the New Year’s count down.

After the countdown, I am usually super tired from the cleaning and cooking so I go to bed pretty early. The next morning I wake up and eat the food I prepared the day before. We eat an egg cake thing, fish cake, black beans, shrimp, fish, different types of roots, chestnuts, rice cake, red beans, soup, and lots of other things. Also the kids get money from all their relatives. On New Year’s day the whole family does nothing but play games and relax.

New Year was very fun in Japan. I am a little sad that I can’t do a Japanese New Year in America, but American New Year is fun too. I hope that everyone will have a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Celebrations – Mollie

  1. Japanese New Year sounds cool. It sure does sound like your sister to attack you with a vacuum cleaner. You’re a good writer!

  2. I’m sorry about attacking you with a vacuum cleaner. Nice writing !!! keep up the grEAT work!!! !

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