Holiday Celebration – Sam

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My family celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas. We put up menorahs in the windows for people to see. We also have a little light up reindeer that we put outside. What we usually do is we get presents for Hanukkah and eat latkes and sufganiyot. We play dreidel, eat gelt and have fun going to my friends and family at Hanukkah parties. Hanukkah is fun for many reasons, like we get presents, we have fun with family, and eat most amazing and delicious food.

For Christmas we go to my Aunt’s house.  We go there and hang out and sometimes other family members who come. We have a feast of mash potatoes turkey gravy asparagus and more. We play games together and watch Christmas specials on tv. We all have a fun and great time. This year my cousins from Tennessee might be coming. Both my Moms sister’s families are coming, and we have a great time. I love Christmas because it makes me filled with joy and happiness, and it makes me warm hearted .

Celebrating both holidays are so awesome because I get presents for both holidays and I get to go to parties and hang out with friends and family. On Chanukah we get so happy and with christmas we get all of our family coming with holiday cheer and time to be happy and excitable. We give presents, eat as a family and this is the best. This is one of the times of year that we have presents spending time with family and amazing food, from latkes to mash potatoes. We have the best Chanukah/Christmas ever.

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