Holidays – Quinn

My mom, dad, and I are going to Mount Snow in Vermont for Christmas.  My family and I plan to stay from the twenty second to the twenty sixth.  Due to the vacation, we are opening presents and feasting on the twenty seventh.  We usually stay home but this year we are not.

Even though I am not going to be home for Christmas, my dad and I got a Christmas tree. When we got home we realized that the tree was way too big for the house.  For some reason the sap had got stuck so it took twenty minutes to cut.  Later that day my mom and I decorated that tree.  After that I made a wonderful Gluten Free apple pie.  For dessert we had eggnog and apple pie.

We also celebrate Chanukah.  My grandmother gave my family a menorah actually made in Israel.  I like Chanukah because you get to play dreidel and win gelt.  Luckily I usually am lucky and win a lot of Gelt.  I also like that I get presents every day of the eight nights.  That is what I celebrate and do over break.

2 thoughts on “Holidays – Quinn

  1. I really liked how you decide everything really well and I have been to Vermont and it is great!
    Hope you keep going there.

  2. I really liked your Story because you had lots of detail and you were very good about punctuation and spelling. I also really like that you made gluten free apple pie. I really liked how you went to Vermont for Christmas, that’s a really good idea. -Justin

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