The Barn on Devils Drive


Only to find out it wasn't a dream.  😱 Dee Ashley via Compfight


“ Do I have to?”

“Yes, if you want to join the club,” said Laura .

“ Uh, okay.”


Rebecca walked into the barn shaking and sweating. She did NOT want to do this, but she had to, well if she wanted to be part of Laura’s club. Once she was fully in the barn, she turned around shut the door, and sat down. Why oh why did she have to sleep here?  In a gross old barn. If it was outside she would be fine, but it was in a creepy barn on Devil’s Drive. On Halloween Night.


“ Rebecca you don’t have to sleep here. You chose this.”  said a voice

“ AHHHHHH!” Rebecca shouted.

“ Awww don’t be scared!” said a voice.


Rebecca did not speak… she couldn’t. Her mouth was glued shut. The creature stepped out of the darkness. It was invisible, except for the eyes. The eyes were fiery red. When Rebecca looked into them she felt nothing. She felt like air. It was as if everything she had done in the world was gone.


The creature walked toward her. It looked her up and down and then something strange happened. She felt as if the creature was taking her soul. The creature started to look like Rebecca. Blonde hair grew where there was none before. Suddenly Rebecca felt pain, that she could not describe. She tried to scream but her mouth was still glued shut. When the pain stopped Rebecca looked at her legs but there were none there. When she looked at the creature she found herself…looking at herself.    


The next morning Rebecca walked out of the barn, Laura was there waiting for her.

“ What happened to your eyes?” asked Laura.

“ Ah, I didn’t sleep very well last night.” Rebecca smiled.



5 thoughts on “The Barn on Devils Drive

  1. I love your story! It gave me chills, I was so scared! My favorite part is when Rebecca goes into the barn and she meets the creature. It was a very creative idea, and I liked how much detail you put into it.

  2. I really enjoyed your story. It’s as I could picture it in my brain. To have that quality as a writer is extremely rare and cool. The details were outstanding and also it was a great cliffhanger ending. To make your story even better than it already is, I suggest giving more information about the voice. I was kind of confused about that, and also a little bit lost. Other than that, your story was fabulous, and keep writing because you are so wonderful.

  3. Imagine looking at your legs and nothing is there! Well Rebecca know how that feels. This story was scary because you read and think your someone in the book and feel what that charater is feeling.

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