Scary Stories

Scary Stories – Written By 6-1    Click on this link


We are excited to show our work through our scary stories. Slightly prior to Halloween, we wrote scary stories and submitted them to the Poughkeepsie Journal in a competition against different schools all over! Here’s how we wrote them:

  • We wrote our drafts. We wrote one paragraph at a time.

  • We had to make them less than 300 words. That was a new aspect of writing for us, as it meant that we had to make each word count.

  • We checked our stories over with some partners for clarity, spelling, etc

  • We made sure we had a few peer edits.

  • We submitted our stories to the Poughkeepsie Journal!

Every year we write scary stories. It is difficult to  win because we have to compete with 6th, 7th, and 8th grades!

Our stories will send a chill down your spine. We hope you will enjoy them!

News Update…

We have some recognized writers in 6th grade!  Zach in 6th grade was chosen as the runner up and Zoe and Elizabeth were given honorable mentions. Congratulations! Click on their names to read their amazing stories

One thought on “Scary Stories

  1. Dear Students,
    These Halloween stories are so scary and so creative. This idea is very clever and we should try it sometime.

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