Holiday Post By Caidin


Holiday Post

I love all holidays, even the ones I don’t celebrate. The reason I love all holidays is because of the feeling that’s in the air. I also love all holidays because of the memories you make with your family. One of my favorite holidays is christmas not because of the presents ( well yes I do like presents) but because I love the time everyone takes getting lights up and decorating trees. I love baking cookies with my family and reading the Night Before Christmas on Christmas eve night. Reading The Night Before Christmas the night before Christmas is a tradition. Overall I just love holidays no matter what! I hope you have a good winter holiday (whichever one you might celebrate) but if you don’t celebrate any winter holidays I hope you have a good winter!


Christmas spirit at TivoliCreative Commons License Susanne Nilsson via Compfight

One thought on “Holiday Post By Caidin

  1. You did an incredible job! There is almost nothing wrong except for one thing. That you forgot to capitalize Christmas in the forth sentence, but that’s about it. P. S. Christmas is my favorite too.

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