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I am really passionate about Joe Namath and how he inspired me to play football. When I first started playing football I felt scared of getting hurt and maybe breaking one of my bones. But when I saw Joe Namath throw the ball and sometimes getting hit, and then just getting up with a smile, I was not scared anymore.


When I was walking onto the field – Home of the Haldane Blue Devils, I felt that I was going to fail badly,  but then I remembered one of Joe’s quotes “ When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.” That quote gave me the courage to play.


I always remember Joe’s quote during my own football games. When Joe Namath took his team ( New York Jets ) to the super bow, l I felt that I could take my team to the Super Bowl, but in my league we call it the Championship game. We made it all the way to the semifinals but then we lost 28-14. I still have a smile on my when I think about how I took my team to the semifinals and we tried our best.  


3 thoughts on “My Passion By Alex

  1. Dear Alex,
    My name is Alex to, I’m a girl. I love how you put he inspired me to play football. I loved how you put a picture of him too show us how he looks. I like reading your posts. I really like how you put one of his quotes on there. Don’t forget to check out my blog:)

  2. Dear Alex,
    I really liked you story I didn’t see and mistakes. I really liked how you added Joe Namath’s real quote in the story. I think it is cool how Joe Namath inspired you to play football.
    From: Jimmy

  3. Hi Alex
    I like that you love football and you love Joe Namath and how he inspired you to play football. I like how you added one of his sayings. I like football too. Thanks for putting a picture of Joe Namath so the readers can see what he looks like. I have a couple of Questions #1…What is your favorite football team,my is favorite football team is Pittsburgh Steelers#2… when you play football in a game do you get very nerves. Good job Alex Your blog buddy Matthew.

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