My Passion- Skiing- By Zacharias

My passion is skiing because I have been doing it since I was four years old and now I am apart of a race team. I am very passionate about my ski racing and do the best I can do. Every weekend I go to my ski mountain called Butternut and I train Saturday through Sunday. Sometimes I have a race on one of those days and that is why we train a lot. I am not very competitive about it but I enjoy it and work very hard each weekend to get my skiing skills to a good point. We have a practice course almost every time we go to training so we can practice going into gates and smacking them down.

 I love when I hockey stop and the fresh powder sprayed in my face. When that happens I feel very refreshed and I can keep on doing my training and racing. When I am the start gate I get zoned in on what I am doing and I look around to see how the terrain is because it is important to see in the ground is icy or powdery. I have to do this to see how much on edge in need to be. When they say….. Go, I take a deep breath and then I push myself with all I have and I tuck halfway down the track and then I tuck for the end. After I stopped, the spectators took the bib that had my number and then I went to the lodge and ate lunch. That is what a race is like in skiing.

 I think that skiing was a passion for me when I first started, but when I joined the race team I felt a totally different feeling about skiing and I wanted to do the best I could do without getting hurt. I have been in the race team for four years so I have improved a lot and for that I am grateful to my coaches for training me the right way. I am always a little nervous for the races because I do not know if I am going to do good or not. I really like skiing and I think that others should enjoy racing even if they do not do good because the way that  I look at it is that is an achievement for me. I really like my skiing and one day I hope to end up in senior ti-state league. Again my passion for skiing is strong. So ski on!!!

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2 thoughts on “My Passion- Skiing- By Zacharias

  1. Hello Zacharias. I am glad to be commenting on your story. Now let’s get started. Believe it or not but I have never been skiing. I have never done any snow or ice sports. Do you ever get nervous at a race? Have you ever gotten hurt skiing? Bye for now?

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