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Well my passion isn’t too exciting but I really love watching movies. Horror, Comedy, Romance (Not so much but..), Sci-fi you name it! I’m not so much of a critique but I just enjoy sitting down with friends or by myself and watch a movie! My mom doesn’t really approve of my passion though, she usually tells me to read a book. However reading and watching are kind of the same except anyone can watch TV. Just tonight actually I watched a movie called Disturbia which was SO interesting.


Though I will never forget, the first time I ever watched a movie (Well first movie I could actually understand). Inspector Gadget with Matthew Broderick, though it wasn’t to popular at the time it was one of my sisters favorite movies. It was very funny as a child to see all the cool special effects.


Na na na na na Inspector Gadget.. Majin Buchoy via Compfight


Not only have I always loved watching movies but I’ve always wanted to star in them. When I was about 9 or so I got really into acting and I am now auditioning for a couple of student and short films. Hopefully at the age of 14 I will get into a rather popular movie! Thanks for taking the time to read this post. If you are going to comment please remember to leave your link!


One thought on “Movies Passion by Adam

  1. Dear Adam,
    I love watching movies also! I bet you will star in a really famous movie when you are fourteen years old! I like how you had both punctuation and grammar, which are each very important. What is your favorite movie you have ever seen? My favorite would probably be an older movie, because they have a lot of charm. What do you prefer, older or newer movies?

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