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I am passionate about many different things but some of the other ones I have already written about but this one I did not. I like to ski, I have been skiing since I was little. I started skiing when I was little, about 5 or 6. I started on easy trails like greens and almost always took a lesson. As I got older I wanted to start doing things by myself so I stopped taking lessons every time and I tried skiing more on my own. It did not come naturally for me though, I almost always fell or got frustrated and just sat down. I did not want help and I kept trying but kept failing. Then for one season I stopped skiing and just took a break from it all.


In 6th grade through 12th grade at my school (PDS) they take us skiing every Friday in January. I knew I had some skill from previous years of skiing but I did not want to seem like a bad skier so I watched videos and tried to scrape as much memory of ski skills from my mind as I could. We traveled to Catamount and I skied that first Friday very happily. I stayed on my feet and was much more daring. Throughout those weeks my parents and I went to Belleayre on the weekends, which is a ski place up Highmount, NY. I skied with my dad and went over some of the jumps and terrain. I was a lot more confident and had more pleasure in skiing in general.


The last week of skiing with the school I tried going on actual terrain parks. I went with a couple friends on the smaller less advanced one. After that I tried the harder black diamond one. I made it down successfully and did some jumps as well. Before this ski season I did not have a lot of confidence, I gathered up some and used it in skiing. I am now more stable and ready and enjoy it more. I especially like skiing with my friends, as it is fun comparing skills and falling but always getting back up again.


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  1. It’s too bad there wasn’t a lot of snow so far this year. I remember one year there was so much snow in the winter that it didn’t melt until June. We were able to go skiing in April and it was warm out so people were wearing t-shirts and shorts. But also wearing ski boots, and skis. Its really strange because you never expect to see someone in shorts on skis.

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