Coco The War Pup – By Olive

I woke up, my shoulder was sore from the uncomfortable nap time mat. I look around, and it’s dark and cloudy outside. The sun gives me just enough light to see. All my friends are still napping as I sneak around trying not to make a sound. I look in the room that all the teachers are in, CREEK, oh no, I forgot about that floor board! I start to sprint back to my mat. I hear footsteps, almost there, come on, I jump. I landed hard on my mat, I groaned. The pain was shooting from my side and up all along my body. But I keep it together and pull the covers up and close my eyes. My heart was pounding like a horse’s hooves against a hard gravel road.

My blanket is pear green. and my mat was cerulean blue. The footsteps got quieter, and I finally hear teachers talk again. I get up and hide in the empty cupboard and call the teacher. She walks in and looks around, she starts to come towards me and I made myself as small as a little rubber ball. She looked at me and told me to get out and be quiet.

I got out and walked, slouching like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I got to the shelf and grabbed a coloring book and crayons. I sat on my mat and colored. The book already had scribbles on it but I found the perfect page, It was a beautiful rose with a leaf design all around it. I grabbed the pink and started, but then i stopped. I looked up and saw my mom in the big window, finally pick up time.

She opened the door and the teachers came to sign me out, FREEDOM, I yelled in my head. When we were walking to the car my mom said that she had a surprise for me. It was a cute stuffed little dog. It was a dark brown with a tan snout with a line up the head that stopped right at the ears. I loved it, I named him Coco.

“He looks like Pepper mom!” I said. We drove home and showed Sam, my brother. I sat for hours playing with him. “Coco needs a friend.” I exclaimed as I climb up the ladder to Sam’s bed. I grab pancake. (Sam’s stuffed animal)  And I played for a little longer time. Soon I had to go to bed. I was very tired.

A couple of days later I really wanted Pancake for myself. So, I went on a mission, I thought that it might take a couple days, or weeks, but I know I can do it! I started to sleep with Pancake in my bed, after one week my brother gave in. “I got Pancake.” I whispered to myself. “Finally.” I made a fort and played with all my stuffed animals as a celebration. I was called for dinner and left them all on my bed.

When I got back I saw pepper chewing their ears. I called my mom and I was in tears. Coco and Pancake were ripped. Coco had a hole in his ear and his string mouth was ripped, same with Pancake’s ear but it also had a small rip in it. (Coco is a stuffed animal by the way) My mom told me to calm down and to say that they got in a fight or something.

I thought for a while and then I had a idea! They came back from the war and were happy to see the rest of their stuffed family.

This taught me that even if you’re in a bad situation you can always have a happy ending.

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