Nature’s Classroom-By Cedar

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Nature’s Classroom is a sleep away camp located in Becket Massachusetts. The 6th and 7th grade took a trip there this April for 4 days. It was very science focused with a lot of nature based classes. Although I liked the camp I missed home a lot.

At Nature’s Classroom we were split up into field groups with one counselor and about ten students. My counselor was Kelly. Kelly was really nice and I had a lot of fun hiking through the woods with her and the rest of the group. I think one of my favorite experiences while I was there was a particular class I took with Sassafras (who was one of the counselors, which was about how our eyes work in the dark. I learned a lot of interesting facts about our eyes. We all sat in a circle in a empty cabin in the dark while Sassafras performed multiple experiments concerning our eyes. I learned that Altoids have Triboluminescence which is light made from two molecules rubbing together. I learned about the rod and cone in our eyes and much more.
In the end a lot of us were excited to get home even though most of us liked the camp. It was a really great camp. I wasn’t too sure it would be fun going in but it was definitely better than I expected it to be. One example of how it was better than I thought is as follows. I was very grateful for the vegetarian options they served since I’m vegetarian so I was worried I wouldn’t have enough to eat while I was there. In fact they served exceedingly substantial alternatives for vegetarians like me. I was very excited to go home afterwards although I was certainly sad to leave.

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