Nature’s Classroom. By Justin

 When we went to Nature’s Classroom it reminded me of a camp/hotel kind of place. I was really excited and nervous to go. When I got to the parking lot at school to go I started to cry a little bit. Once I got into school I was fine for about ten minutes. Then every five minutes I would cry but not in a scared way.  When we put our stuff on the bus I was fine. When we got on the bus and after thirty minutes being on the bus I started to get really bad anxiety.


Twenty minutes later I started to calm down. We finally arrived at Nature’s Classroom in Becket Massachusetts. We went inside and found out our room number then unpacked some of our stuff and then went to dinner. After dinner we had transition time which is when we had 20 minutes to do whatever you need to do to get ready for your next class. The first night we had little fifteen minute classes with all of the group leaders.


After those classes we had singalong. That’s when some of the group leaders go up on the stage and sing songs with us. I didn’t really enjoy that because some of the songs that we sang were songs that I listened to with my mom and it made me think of her. So that me really sad. But afterwords I felt better. When we got back to our cabins My friends and I went to bed.


Overall I had a good time and a bad time at Nature’s Classroom.

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