Nature’s Classroom By Milaura

In the first week of April, the 6th and the 7th grade went on a trip called Nature’s Classroom. The trip lasted for four days and three nights. We learned how to be more independent and what it was like to be away from home. I was a great experience and I learned a lot. I learned how to be more responsible and take care of my things. In the mornings I had to do my own hair, (something I don’t do this too often because of how insanely thick it is, my mom usually does it). I also had to make sure that I took all of my things.

I like how the people there made you feel at home as much as possible, with different dietary options, for different people, such gluten free and vegetarian options on the first day, they asked everyone what their allergies were. My favorite part was playing camouflage, with my counselor Nicky D. How camouflage works is when the counselor calls camouflage you have to run and hide, and they try to find you without moving around. All day you were kept busy and entertained, even though after every class or meal time, By the time it was 9:00pm I was just about ready to go to bed.

If I were to redo it I would bring an extra blanket to make a better fort, bring more socks (really I should probably worn more socks), because my feet got really cold, and wear more layers.

I really enjoyed it and I would do it again it was really fun personally I think it was a great experience.

Only the lamps missing! Domitille Parent via Compfight

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