Yasmeen – Nature’s Classroom

Something that I really enjoyed was the food at Nature’s Classroom. Not only is their food really good but they have options for people who can’t eat pork (like me), or meat, etc. They have a great salad bar and their veggies were so crisp and fresh because they were picked fresh from the farm. My favorite meal that I had was the pasta and garlic bread. I liked how for breakfast you could have white milk,or juice. For lunch you aren’t allowed to have milk just water, and for dinner there was chocolate milk.


One of my favorite things that we did in Nature’s classroom would have to be Wednesday Night Live. I liked how I could express myself with my group anyway I want to. I thought the skit my group did was really funny. I got to be one of the main characters which was really fun.I also really enjoyed the teachers skit and how they pretend to be us. I had a lot of laughs and giggles on Wednesday Night Live.
My other favorite thing about Nature’s Classroom is when we went on the hike. I like this part because we went through some ups and downs, but we still had fun. One memory I will never forget about this hike is when Caidin fell into the stream, and when I was helping Milaura up a mountain of snow. My field group leader was Nicky D and he really showed me how to embrace nature. Overall, Nature’s classroom was a great experience and I can’t wait for next year!

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