Olivia’s Nature’s Classroom Post

At my school, when you’re in the grades 6-7 you go to a place called Nature’s Classroom. It is a place  in Becket, Massachusetts where you get to learn about nature and how to work in a team. It is out in the woods. You sleep in a cabin for three nights.  There are lots of fun activities that require teamwork and strategy. Also there were activities that helped you learn about nature.


There was a game that we played called Predator v.s Prey. This game was a simulation for the food chain. I really liked it because I got  to feel what it feels like to be a animal. I also really liked it because at the end of the game there were only four people left. Those four people were my really good friends. We also had something called field group. You go to your field group a couple times every day. In our field group we played a game called Camouflage.


Camouflage is a game where you have to hide from your field group leader, and then he/she had to try to find you. All the groups played a little bit of a different way. I really liked this activity because you had to use strategy about where you were hiding. That’s not all we did in field groups, we also got to learn about nature. We saw many trees and learned a lot about them. We also looked at animal tracks. Looking at animal tracks was fun because now you can look outside and find a track and know what it came from. Overall It was a very fun trip!  


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