Nature is The New Classroom (Natures classroom refection) by Ryanne

I started packing Thursday night, and was awestruck with this adventure. After packing, I got in my PJs and went to my last sleep at home for four days. In the morning, school was canceled because there was a lot of snow. I thought we would not go to the trip. Just then my mom said that we had to be at school at 12:15 to be on the bus. I was so excited! Mostly because we were going on the trip, but also it would be funny to be the only ones at school till’ we leave. Before my mom dropped me off I had lunch with my friend Yasmeen. We decided that we would sit together on the bus ride there.  
day304Philip Ray via Compfight

After lunch my mom dropped me off at school and I saw a huge pile of suitcases, duffle bags, and backpacks. I came in and put my stuff in the pile of bags and said goodbye to my mom before she left. After we loaded the bus with bags, we set off for Nature’s Classroom. It was a three hour drive because the roads were covered in snow. Yasmeen and I both took a nap on the bus. When we got there it was so cold. We played a quick game and we put our stuff in our bunks. I was in a room with Milaura, Cedar, Violet, Bella, Zoё, Zsofi, and Yasmeen. I was happy with everyone in my room because we were all friends. After we got set up in our room we set off for our first activity.

When we got there, we went through all the counselors and they each did a different activity, all involving team work. Then we ended the day with a sing along. We sang a bunch of different songs.  After that we headed back to our bunks to sleep.

The next day we woke up and ate breakfast. After breakfast we went to our field group. This is when we would go hiking, play camouflage, and learn about nature, (as said in the name “Nature’s” Classroom) in smaller groups. You don’t get to decide who is in your field group, so you are assigned with people. My field group was fun so it all worked out. After we would pick classes that the counselors lead.  All the classes I got were really fun. Every night we would end with a sing along as we did the first night. Then we would go back to bed and have breakfast in the morning.

One activity we did was called the Oregon trail. Each group had a certain job and they each had a different amount of money depending on your job. You could buy clothes, oxen, wagons, parts for the wagon, food (rations), etc. During the trail we had to act like it was the real Oregon trail. There would be situations saying you lost food, an ox died, your wagon broke, you earned food, you get money or lose money, etc. It was REALLY fun.  

We also played a game called predator vs prey. There were five groups and each group was either an insect, frog, or snake. Two groups were insects and I was in the centipede group. Everyone was trying to tag us because we were the prey and we could never be the predator. Two groups were frogs and they could tag bugs but they could be tagged by the one snake group. It was fun till’ I got tagged to the snake team. It was fun chasing everyone but it was more fun running away from everyone.

Then it came the time we had to leave. I got everything packed and we loaded the bus.  I sat next to Cedar and off we went. The counselors were waving until they could not see the bus anymore. I was sad to be going home because I had a lot of fun, but I also was happy to be in my own bed.        

My passion for dogs by Ryanne

I’m Ryanne and my passion is my puppies. I have always been an animal lover but puppies have always been my favorite. I love making puppies happy by giving them ALL love, even puppies I don’t know. I been wanting to help at a shelter but sadly I am not old enough. When I’m fourteen I hope to help the ASPCA with taking care of the dogs. I believe dogs should be happy just like people should. I have two particular dogs that I love to play with. There names are Cobey and Layla.

Layla is a three year old girl with gray and white hair. Cobey is a boy and is 11 months old. Their breed is called Teddy Bear Puppies. Teddy Bear Puppies are a mix of a Shih-Tzu and a Bichon Frise. Teddy Bear puppies can be different sizes. Tiny toys are 5-7 pounds, toys are 8-10 pounds, and regular dogs are 11-14 pounds. You can get this kind of puppy on a website. They have to go on an airplane from Wisconsin. The website is called Ragdoll puppies.


I got Layla when she was ten weeks old. I was supposed to get her when she was twelve weeks but she was ready at ten. Layla is a toy sized puppy, which meant she was going to be 9-10 pounds. She is now 9 ½ pounds. My family had another dog before I was born. His name was Blaze and he was a Golden Retriever. He died a year ago when he was fifteen years old. Layla got very sad because they were like siblings. Layla started to lay down all day and not play at all. I realized we should get another dog.


I knew it would be healthier for Layla to have a friend, and I just really wanted another dog. I had to do some persuading but my parents finally gave in. I was looking for a boy dog because we found it was better to get the opposite gender. So that was when we found Cobey’s picture. I looked at him and he was soo cute. I really wanted him. So after a little bit of talking with my parents. They agreed to let me get him. He is a regular sized pup so he was  going to be 10-12 pounds. When I got him he was twelve weeks old. I could have gotten him at ten weeks we could not find a flight. Cobey is now about 9 pounds, so a tiny bit smaller than Layla’s weight. He is not even a year old yet so he is still growing. Cobey is two years younger then Layla but will be two pounds bigger than Layla (when he is full grown). I think he will get to 12 pounds but I don’t know yet. They get along great and they love playing together. Most of all my puppies play with their toys so much I’m shocked. I have not seen a dog play with their toys as much as my puppies do. Here are some facts:


  • These puppies are full grown at two years old.
  • The best thing is that They Don’t Shed!!
  • Teddy Bear Puppies have real hair instead of fur. So if you want a dog but is allergic to fur these dogs are perfect.
  • They are very playful but also great lapdogs
  • They are the most well behaved dogs I have meet
  • They are also known as Shichon Puppies or Zuchon Puppies
  • Their temperament is very good and they are great with children
  • Tiny Toys are recommended for children over the age of 8 because they are so tiny


Never Let Yourself Regret by Ryanne

We smacked into one of the cars and wind hit our face. My dad was driving like someone trying to run away from a bear, but kept smashing into walls. The cars had a dodge ball cannon so people were shooting dodge balls everywhere. Lights hit my eyes, it felt like I was going blind. I wished the ride would never end. You probably think this is what my whole story is going to be about, well you’re wrong.

 I got off the ride and ran to my mom.

“Mom, bumper cars were so fun. When a dodge-ball hit the front of the car, it would sound like a bomb.”

“That sounds really cool,” my mom said as she was fiddling with my pocketbook she was holding for me.

“When can we go to the Superhero Headquarters?” I was thinking of this store for a week and all I wanted was a picture I saw hanging in the store. I was really hoping it was less than $70. I had about that much money on both my Disney cards together.

“We can go right now,” my dad said, knowing I really wanted to go. We walked out of the building labeled DisneyQuest and headed to the store.

 We passed a bunch of stores on the way. My mom was one to stop and go in a store that looked interesting. She was like a bee looking for honey but stopping in a bread store because it looked cool.        I was really hoping she would not stop at any store. I was thinking even if she did I would probably pull her out and say we have to go to the Superhero Headquarters first. We passed a store called “Candy Cauldron”. They had so many sweets in there. In there was a whole shelf filled with decorative candy apples. On the top of the store I saw a picture of the evil queen stirring something in a cauldron. As I passed I smelled the fresh chocolate, it almost made me want to go in. But I made sure I would pass the store with no temptations so I could go straight to the store.  

 We walked passed about two more stores when I saw the sign in the distance. It said “Superhero Headquarters”. I got so excited I started to run while pulling my dad’s arm. I got in the store and saw the picture on the back wall. I looked around and saw Spiderman shirts on my left and on my right I saw the checkout station. I saw in front of me was a table with a lot of Ant Man stuff. There was also a lot of Avenger shirts everywhere. I walked around to the back and looked right at the picture. I was pointing to it so my dad could see what I was so excited about.

“That one! Look, isn’t it awesome?!” I was looking at him and back at the picture.

“That is a nice one,” I could tell he loved it as much as I did. Well, maybe I am exaggerating, but I could tell he liked it a lot. Then I looked behind me and my mom was coming in the store.

“Mom, look, I like this one!” She looked at it and nodded.

“Cool!” Then I heard the cash register ding and that reminded me…

“I have to ask how much the picture is! What if it is too much and I can’t buy it?” I was getting worried as I walked slowly toward the register.

“Hello, can you tell me how much that picture is on the wall?”

“Hi, that picture is $150, it’s a collectible.” I looked at him with blank eyes. I thought I would start crying right there, but I didn’t.


I walked over to my parents and they knew, because of my blank face, it was a lot more than expected.

“Why?! It’s $150 I can’t afford that! Even if I could it would be all my money. Should I just not get it?”

“Well it’s your choice. You decide if you want to count your money or just give up,” my mom said in a sweet voice.  

“Why try? I don’t have enough money and you know that.” I was getting mad, at this point I wanted to smash everything.

“I can see you want it, so you should try. You might regret it forever if you don’t get this picture.”

I knew she was right. I could see myself regretting leaving it forever.


“Okay, I’ll count. It probably won’t matter anyways because I don’t have enough.” We sat down on a ledge and started counting.

“So far $50, plus this 25 equals $75. Oh I have two Disney gift cards and two regular Visa cards. But I have no idea how much is on them.”

“I’ll check.” My mom picked up her phone and called the gift card company. She started to smile and looked at me then said,

“You have enough!”  My eyes light up and I started to jump up and down. My mom stopped me because we were in a public place.

“Lets double check,” my dad said. “We should count again just to make sure.”

“$50. Here is the rest of my dollars. Now count my gift cards please.” My dad’s eyes rolled up and I could tell he was thinking hard. He smiled and looked at me just like my mom did.

“You can buy it with about $10 left. Now comes the deciding part.”

“I will buy it!” I was so happy.


I walked in the store and told the man what picture I liked. I looked at each detail. Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Hulk, all in a line on the picture. I walked to the counter and started to take out almost all my money. I gave him all four of my gift cards and he said

“Enjoy!” I could tell he was surprised an 11 year old bought an $150 picture. He wrapped it in cardboard and I walked out with a big, bright smile. I still can’t believe I almost walked away without it.

I have learned you have to follow your heart. If it’s saying you love it, you might regret leaving it. No matter what it is you should go for it and at least try. DON’T LEAVE SOMETHING YOU LOVE, YOU WILL REGRET IT!                

Recap of blogging challenge ~Final challenge~ by Ryanne

I loved the blogging challenge! It was so fun and I learned a lot while doing it. First off I learned that you always need a url to include in comments. This is so the reader can comment back to you. You also should use a complement and a connection with the writer. It is also really nice to have a question for the writer as well, because they will want to write back. You should make as many connections to the writer as possible so they will want to talk to you. My goal was to start a conversation, and I did. I just need to comment back to the school I met. You want to start a conversation so you can possibly Skype whoever you are commenting with . You might even meet a school you’ve never heard of!  Another thing I learned was, you have to make your blog post interesting so people will read it. This might not be the most interesting post you’ve read of mine, but if you read the ones below they are a lot more interesting.

 My favorite challenge was week 7. This was the week we got to write about anything in nature. I wrote about Teddy Bear Puppies (they are real dogs not teddy bears). If you want to learn about them read the blog post named Teddy Bear Puppies come to life ~all about dogs~ by Ryanne. I liked it because I wrote about my dogs. I have two Teddy Bear Puppies named Layla and Cobey. I loved researching about them, mostly because I learned a lot! I already knew a little bit but now I know a lot more. It was awesome taking pictures and making a picture collage of my puppies!    


Please comment what your favorite challenge was. I would love to hear what you wrote about and please leave a url so I can see the post.  THANK YOU!              


Celebrating The Holidays by Ryanne

Let it snow!Creative Commons License Louise LePierres via Compfight

Every year I celebrate Christmas with my family. I have three sisters and one brother; I also have my nephew, niece, and parents to spend christmas with. My family always decorates the christmas tree together a little earlier than others. Every Christmas Eve my family (dad’s side) has a party. I see cousins, aunts, and uncles I only see once a year. I love this because we have dinner with them and celebrate together. At the end of dinner we exchange gifts. The kids put out cookies and put all the presents under the tree for the morning. We go to bed and wait for Christmas morning to come. When I get up, I wake everyone else up and we all go down stairs. I find the presents that are mine and open all of them. We then go to breakfast at my aunt’s (mom’s side) house with my family. We enjoy the breakfast and all day we enjoy family and friends. A week later we celebrate New Year’s and go to my mom’s friends house. We count down 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1- HAPPY NEW YEARS! After this, it’s the end of all the holidays this year. That is how I celebrate my holidays at the end of the year!


Please comment how you celebrate. Do you celebrate the same holidays? If not what holiday do you celebrate? Do you even celebrate a holiday during this time? If you don’t, what is your biggest holiday during the whole year? I would love to hear what you have to say. Please leave a url to your blog so I can comment back. Thanks!



Teddy Bear Puppies come to life ~all about dogs~ by Ryanne

I have two dogs, one is a girl and one is a boy. The girl’s name is Layla and the boy’s name is Cobey. They are Teddy Bear Puppies (a mix of  Bichon and Shih-tzu). They are also called Zuchons and Shichons. I got my dogs off of a website and they flew on an airplane all the way here.  I am not only going to talk about my dogs, I am going to focus on telling you everything about Teddy Bear Puppies. Here is a video of Teddy Bear Puppies playing! I am just making it clear that I’m going to call them Teddy Bears from now on so please don’t get confused.  I am talking about a type of dog.  


Teddy Bears have real hair instead of fur and because of that they don’t shed. The dogs barely grow and at two years old they are full grown. Teddy Bears weigh from 5 to 16 pounds. A sixteen pound Teddy Bear would be surprising to me, but I have heard about them a couple times. My dog Cobey is about 7 months old. When he is fully grown he will be about 12 pounds. When you get a Teddy Bear Puppy it will probably say what size it is. Cobey is a regular size. Layla is a toy size. Layla is 2 years old (almost 3) and she is fully grown at 10 pounds. The reason Cobey is younger but heavier is because regular size is bigger than toy size. There’s also a size smaller than Layla called tiny toy. They are so small you have to be really careful and you can’t leave them for longer than 3-4 hours. They highly recommend being older than eight years old to get a tiny toy.


The name Teddy Bears came from their looks. They have big eyes and long soft fur. If you don’t cut their fur monthly their hair will be super long. Their fur comes in a lot of different patterns. Teddy Bear are not mean at all. They could play bite because of  playing or teething, but it does not break the skin. Teddy Bears are really hard to potty train and it could take months. Teddy Bears love to do tricks! They are easy to train for tricks but not easy to train for potty training. They are mostly well mannered pups. The puppies love to play and cuddle with you. They love to play all day and snuggle in your bed at night (when they are potty trained). That is it for Teddy Bear Puppies hope you enjoyed reading all about dogs!

Comment if you have a dog or If you want a dog. What kind do you have or want? What is its name or what would be its name.

These are my Puppies and a drawing I drew!! 

        Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 11.36.16 AM     Photo on 11-20-15 at 11.45 AM #2



I live in the USA and a popular food here is popcorn.

PopcornAlisha Vargas via Compfight

We normally eat this during entertainment like movies and plays. 

Popcorn is a certain kind of corn. When you put the kernels in the right temperature it will start growing and making a popping sound. Here is a slow motion video of it popping (on youtube). The name Popcorn came from the name popping corn. People cover popcorn with butter, salt, caramel, chocolate, cheese etc. You can mix it with basically everything. Popcorn is really good and soft. You can pop it at home or buy it already popped at the store. This is what popcorn sounds like and looks like when it is popping (on youtube).

PopcornAdam Fagen via CompfightCreative Commons License

Hope you learned about my country’s food, now comment your country’s food down bellow!

I can’t wait to learn about your food! Thanks for reading!

Blogging Challenge ACTIVITY #1 WEEK 3

September am See mhobl via Compfight

I really liked when my family went to Lake George. Jade (my niece), Shamus (my nephew), Amanda (my sis), my mom, my dad, and I went. I also brought a friend that was on my softball team with me, her sister came as well.  I have a boat, so we spent a couple days on it. I love wake boarding so I of course did that. Then we went tubing, it was so fun. I went flying back and forth really fast on the turns. We also would stay up till 12:00 playing manhunt. We would play with friends that we met there. One of those days we went to Six Flags. Me and my friends sister when on the Daredevil Drop. The ride brings you up 75 feet. You are harnessed in and you are laying down in the harness. They drop you and you feel like you are flying like a bird. It was so fun and I can’t wait for next year!!   


The Scar by Ryanne

Signal Box Dave Wild via Compfight

It was Halloween night and they were getting their costumes when they realized they were alone.            

“Benchy, try to call them. We have to find our parents, and hurry!!”

“Scarlet, no one picked up when I called them.”

“Give me the phone, I’ll try,” As she dialed she shivered thinking about her parents.

A strange voice answered. The voice said, “You must be looking for your parents. Well, they’re at Halloween Park. Don’t worry, they’re fine. Actually, they’re not. Hopefully see you soon.” Then the voice hung up.

 “Let’s go Benchy!” Scarlet was headed to the front door.

“But that’s what they want us to do. It’s a trap.” He wanted to go save them, but he was scared. Scarlet gave him a nasty look and kept walking. Benchy ran after her because he was scared for her. When they got to Halloween Park they saw a huge globe. They saw their neighbors, two children and their parents in the globe.

“Benchy, come hide behind this box. We have to think of a plan.”

 They glanced at their parents as they talked. Then they noticed their parents disintegrating. Their bodies were slowly turning to soil. The man said, “Finally, my Halloween flower can grow. All they ever needed was the soil from humans.” They heard their parents last scream and they turned entirely into soil. Scarlet started to cry; she kept thinking she could have done something to help.

Benchy ran out. “Benchy, come back,” she whispered, but he could not hear her over his screams. Then, not paying attention, he was captured. As Scarlet watched her brother disintegrate slowly; she saw a knife and grabbed it. She sliced her arm, shoulder to wrist. When she touched the scar she would remember the pain they all went through that day.

Week #4 – Activity #2 Halloween Poem – by Ryanne

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The Night with Blair by Ryanne

There was a party on Halloween night

And no one knew they were in for a great fright

The humans were dancing then comes out a scream

The humans thought they were stuck in a dream

Outcomes Blair with drool on his face

He wanted some humans because he loved the taste

Blair saw a knight standing there

He looked at Blair without a care

He walked toward the monster and put down his sword

The monster was pleased when the knight grabbed a cord

“This is for your wounded hand,

Now can you stop ruining my land?”

The monster agreed to stop 

Then the monster went out on the hop

The humans now dance every October in favor of the Knight

Who went up to Blair with out a fright