Yasmeen – Nature’s Classroom

Something that I really enjoyed was the food at Nature’s Classroom. Not only is their food really good but they have options for people who can’t eat pork (like me), or meat, etc. They have a great salad bar and their veggies were so crisp and fresh because they were picked fresh from the farm. My favorite meal that I had was the pasta and garlic bread. I liked how for breakfast you could have white milk,or juice. For lunch you aren’t allowed to have milk just water, and for dinner there was chocolate milk.


One of my favorite things that we did in Nature’s classroom would have to be Wednesday Night Live. I liked how I could express myself with my group anyway I want to. I thought the skit my group did was really funny. I got to be one of the main characters which was really fun.I also really enjoyed the teachers skit and how they pretend to be us. I had a lot of laughs and giggles on Wednesday Night Live.
My other favorite thing about Nature’s Classroom is when we went on the hike. I like this part because we went through some ups and downs, but we still had fun. One memory I will never forget about this hike is when Caidin fell into the stream, and when I was helping Milaura up a mountain of snow. My field group leader was Nicky D and he really showed me how to embrace nature. Overall, Nature’s classroom was a great experience and I can’t wait for next year!

My Passion – Swimming By Yasmeen

I am an athletic person and I like competition and game time. One of the sports that always brings out the competition in me is swimming. I swim at Marist College for the Red Fox Aquatic Club In Poughkeepsie NY. This is my second year swimming there, and I wouldn’t change that experience for the world. Swimming has always brought out the confidence in me. One day my dream is to swim at the Olympics and take home that trophy. One of my biggest inspiration is Michael Phelps.  Swimming helps me focus, if I am in a bad mood swimming has always been there. If I am stressed with school swimming has always been there. Swimming is something that has always been there for me and I never want anyone to take it away from me.

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My name is Yasmeen and here is my story about my passion for swimming. It was a Friday afternoon and I was ready to do the 200 freestyle. Each 25 is a lap that means a 200 is 8 laps. I was getting ready to go up. I was racing my two friends and that was it. I dove in I started out in first. I was just about halfway through the first 25 and one of my goggles fell of. I knew if I stopped I wasn’t going to win, I wouldn’t drop time, neither would my coaches be happy. On top of all of that I would get disqualified from my race. I was very happy my coach told me that before my race.

I came to the wall and could see the wall with one goggle. While my other eye had water pounding into it like there was no tomorrow. I could see my friends Gabby and Julia on the sideline telling me to keep going. I could see my coach Paul waving his paper and yelling. I did the first flip turn. By the first 4 laps I was still in first. I kept saying to myself, ‘You can do it Yasmeen, just keep going’. Every time I took a breath I could see the judges and pool officials looking at me. They thought I was going to stop. Well they thought wrong. By the next 6 laps I was head to head with one of my friends. I started sprinting to the other end. I beat my friend to the wall and hit the pad. I heard all my teammates and coaches cheering for me. I took my cap and goggles off and waited for the next swimmer to dive in. I climbed out.

At the wall I saw my friend Gabby. “Yasmeen you did it!” . Then gave me a hug. She gave me my towel and flipflops and took me to my coaches.  “Great job Yasmeen,” Victoria told me.

“ You okay?” was the first thing my coach Paul told me. I nodded my head. He smiled and said “Good work!” I got high fives from everyone. I went to the locker room to change. As I was opening the door, Iheard a lady in the microphone say “Congratulations Yasmeen for completing her 200 freestyle.” Then everyone clapped.

I finished changing and came out of the locker room. My dad smiled, “ Great Job!”

“Awesome job Yasmeen!” my mom added. That day my dad took me goggle shopping and out to eat. I felt awesome and tired. If there is one thing I am going to say to all athletes, it is  when the going gets tough you have to keep going, or else you can’t say you tried it. Swimming will always be my confidence booster. Home is where the pool is and it will always be my home.  Never give up and always work hard. “ When you want to breathe as bad as you want to succeed that is when you know you’ll be successful” ~ Eric Thomas.


UWSP Swim 7817

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Ellie By Yasmeen

Ellie By: Yasmeen

I remember the day perfectly. I was outside on my porch. The trees were green and the air was ever so sweet. Everyone was celebrating my 4th birthday. There was about 20 people at my house.  My mom handed me the first present from her and my dad, but I wanted to open that one last. I had my eye on a small bag with elephants on it.

I said “mommy I want to open that one first” and pointed directly to the bag.

I started to open it with such eager, everyone was watching me like a hawk. I finally opened it and inside was a flawless pink and white elephant with a little pink bow on her neck, the ears were so big, they had little pink dots on them.

My mom asked,

“What’s her name?” I thought about it. Then, the name hit me like a bolt of lightning

“Ellie,” I replied.


After I finished opening my boat load of presents, it was time for cake! My mom had a tradition on my birthday. She would get a small cake for me to stuff my face in. Then there was the cake for the guests. My mom made me dress nice for this party, but hey, I am kid and I wear what I wanna wear. After everyone had cake there was fruit and drinks. As I was eating my cake I could feel the chocolate on my face dripping everywhere, it was a humid day in July. My mom took me to wash my face. After my face was clean I came back and sat on the table. As I took a sip of icy cold lemonade, it was a lemony burst of sweetness in my mouth.


As all the guests left I started to make my way up to my room. I came into my room and right there in front of me were the mountains of presents I had gotten. Then there was Ellie sitting on top of one of my gifts, I put her on the floor and started to play with her. I spent about 45 minutes playing with her, then my parents came into the room after they finished cleaning up from the party.  

My mom sat on the chair in my room, “How was the party?” she asked.

“It was great!” I said in my little high pitched voice. I started to play with Ellie again and my mom left the room.

After a couple of months after my party, I started to get really hooked onto Ellie. I would take her everywhere, sleep with her, have adventures with her, bring her to the dinner table. Which my parents didn’t approve of all the time.

My mom called me to the dinner table one night, “Yasmeen, time for dinner!”

“Coming,” I replied.

I got up from the floor and snatched Ellie like I was stealing her. I sat on the table and Ellie next to me, I picked up my pasta and said, “Ellie would you like some?” then I shook her head.

I could tell from my parents expression they thought this was funny. Suddenly the most dreadful thing happened. My dad took Ellie away, I was so mad. I threw my fork and took Ellie from my dad and said, “Ellie is going to eat with us,” in my sassy four year old voice.

“Go in time out right now” my dad said, I swooped Ellie off the dinner table and stormed off into my room.

After a while I decided to come out of my room. My parents were sitting in the living room, my dad was sitting there and I sat in his lap gave him a hug, then got up.

“ You know dad, we need to have a serious talk about time out.”

Before my dad even answered I got up and went to my room to play with Ellie. In my room I sat down and in my silly 4 year old mind I thought, ‘I won because I got out of time out!’

Now I am 11 years old and still have Ellie, and here is one message for everyone. Treasure the things you get because someday you’re going to need them. And those small gifts you get, might help you through some of the hardest times.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 7.50.30 AM

About My Holidays By Yasmeen

I am a Muslim, which means I don’t celebrate all the American religious holidays. One of the Holidays in my culture that I celebrate is Eid. It is a time where my family and I get together and eat food and then go to the Mausk to pray. We usually have a big feast and we have a great time. I love this holiday because it is the one day that brings my family and friends all together. Just because I don’t celebrate Christmas does not mean I don’t celebrate any holidays. For example: for Halloween I go trick-or-treating, and I celebrate New Years. I cook a Thanksgiving meal with my family, and on Christmas this year I am actually going to NYC to see the tree. But for Christmas, I don’t have a tree in my house. Downstairs though, my dad has this old train set he puts out on Christmas with old lights. We usually make cookies and sometimes my grandmother comes over. So, I don’t do everything some people would normally do, but there are some things I celebrate. During this holiday my parents usually give me presents. I normally get to pick one toy, and my family and I go out for breakfast. Also, I go to my cousins and my uncles give me some money. In the morning my parents give me some money as well. This day is really fun and I would never trade it for anything!

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Final Blogging Challenge – Yasmeen

Taking part in the 2015 Blogging Challenge was a nice experience. There was always something new to do each week along with learning something new. I got to learn how to use Compfight, I learned how to make an avatar, I also learned a lot of new things from other people’s blogs. I liked visiting blogs because in about a week or two I had a response. My favorite Blogging Challenge was where we got to write a little about ourselves and then we got to make an avatar. I thought it was a nice way to express myself, and for everyone on edublogs to get to know me. This experience is one I will never forget. Hopefully I will get to use the skills I learned from the Blogging Challenge and use them again some day. Here is the link to my favorite post. Also, my class and I got nominated for Best Class Blog and Best Group Blog. Thanks for everyone who nominated us and don’t forget to vote here for Shirley’s 6th Grade Class.7201994-122599800_4-s1-v1

Week #7 Come Sail With Me On The Hudson By: Yasmeen

For this week’s blogging challenge we have been asked to write about something that has not been made by mankind.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Axel Taferner via Compfight

George Washington Bridge @ Fort Washington Park, Washington Heights, Manhattan, NYCThe Hudson River gets a lot of tourism because of its history  An explorer named Henry Hudson was on a voyage to this continent and he discovered the Hudson River. Henry was the first European sailor to the discover the Hudson, which is where the Hudson River got its name. The Hudson River had been very useful to sailors because they used it for navigation. The Hudson River is 315 miles long and the deepest part is near West Point which is 216 ft deep, which is also the deepest part of the Hudson river.

The Hudson River runs through the Adirondack mountains and into upstate New York. It also goes through the New York harbor, and down until the empty parts in the Atlantic. The Hudson River flows south, but in some parts is flows both ways and meets in the mouth of the river in New York city

.Still Water

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Something that intrigues me about the Hudson is that there is so much in the Hudson to be explored, and maybe I could be the one to explore it. The history in the Hudson is so wonderful because of the sites we can see from the walkway. So let’s go explore it!

People enjoy visiting the river because of all the beautiful fish in it. Unfortunately, most of the fish in the Hudson River are getting sick because of pollution, which is not healthy for them. People think they can throw whatever they want in the Hudson River which is not right. But they’re wrong. We should stand up for this right. Anytime you see a piece of trash anywhere you should pick it up because it will make you and our environment feel good.


bonaire underwater January 2010 - 65.jpg

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Also, something you could do is when you drink a bottle of water and there is some left do not throw that water out, as that water could save a lot of fish. All animals should be treated nicely. Animals have just as much right as we have to be here. I know you wouldn’t like it if someone threw trash at you so don’t do it to the fish. Even if you don’t like fish don’t hurt them because they live on one part of the land and you live on the other. 

I'm going...

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Many people get their drinking water from the Hudson River, so let’s stop pollution and fight to save the Hudson and drinking water. So remember to keep all the rivers, streams ocean etc clean. Because with your help we can save the Hudson, but not only the Hudson all of the streams and rivers and oceans. Once again let’s fight to keep the Hudson clean.

Don’t forget to comment below and give me some suggestions. Also, I would be more than happy to answer any of them.



Week #4 Blogging Challenge – by Yasmeen

Hi everyone,

This week for my blogging challenge I decided to write a poem about Halloween hope you enjoy!

Candy Corn

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Halloween – My Favorite Day in The Year


Halloween it’s my favorite day in the year  

When the ghouls and goblins come out of the wall 

When the ghosts scratch on the wall

It’s Halloween my favorite day in the year

When I trick or treat

And scare them all

And Halloween music blasts through the wall

It’s Halloween my favorite day in the year

When the pumpkins get carved

When the pumpkin pie sits in the oven and into the hall

It’s Halloween my favorite day in the year

When you count up all you candy and trade with kids big and small

And you brag to your friends that you got this and that

It is Halloween my favorite day in the year                                                 

You go to haunted houses big and small

And take out the pranks and scare them all

Then laugh once you’ve scared them off It’s Halloween my favorite day in the yearspiders wallpaper

When you scare kids big and small

And tell them stories about ghouls and goblins and more

It’s Halloween my favorite day in the year

 Don Buciak II via CompfightCreative Commons License

When you dress up as devils vampires and more

ZombieAnd when red oozing slime comes out of the wall

And now we turn the lights off because……………..

It’s Halloween my favorite day in the year!                                                                                  


Jelene Morris via CompfightCreative Commons License

Day 298/365 - Glowing Pumpkins

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Week #3 Activity #1Blogging Challenge By Yasmeen

Hi My name is Yasmeen,and I am going to tell you about my favorite moment with my family. I have a brother named Abdul,a mom named Noura,and a dad named Salah. Over the summer I went to Washington DC with my family. This was my favorite moment because I have never been to Washington and I have never seen sites like these. My favorite site was the white house. I love this picture of me and my family right in front of the White House. Leave comments down below on what you think!


Happy Blogging,


Family Picture- Copyright
Family Picture- ©


The Letter by Yasmeen

Charlotte, Vanessa, and Scarlet were sitting on the porch when the mailman came and gave them all the mail. They were confused because the mailman never gave them the mail he always put it in the mail box. 

“Are you girls Charlotte,Vanessa, and Scarlet?” he asked.Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.19.55 PM

“Yes,” they replied.

“You have a letter from anonymous.” The girls looked horrified , and the mailman left. The 3 girls were silent, and they didn’t know if they should open it? How did anonymous know their names? Who was anonymous? That was the biggest question!

The girls decided to open the letter and Vanessa spoke, “Guys let’s all open it together. I think that would be better.”

“Okay let’s open it” Scarlet said.

They opened the letter it read: Dear Charlotte, Vanessa, and Scarlet, I am sorry for scaring you with the whole anonymous thing but I am inviting you to a Halloween party, at Will’s haunted house.

From  Anonymous.

They decided to go!

The girls started to get ready. Scarlet went as a fox, Vanessa a tiger,and Charlotte went as a cat. They approached the haunted house, and as they entered, there was spooky Halloween music playing, as well as snacks.

Then a man came up to them and said, “Hello I am Jake.”

“Hi!” they replied.

“I wanted to invite you to this party because………….” Then suddenly the room got dark, the music turned off and everyone left. The three girls were left in the dark room and heard scary noises, scratching on the walls.

”AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” the 3 girls screamed.

They could feel the walls closing in on them, and heard ghostly sounds, “oooooooohhhhhhhh.” Suddenly the doors opened and they ran out screaming “AHHHHHHHH”.

In the bushes their parents were laughing at the Halloween prank they played on their kids.


Week #1 Blogging Challenge by Yasmeen


Activity 1: Hi my name is Yasmeen, and I like to be myself online and offline. I choose to be myself in both worlds because I want people to know the real me. I post pictures of myself, things I make, see, and go to. If I write a comment it’s usually really nice. When I first got my Instagram account I would post like crazy but now I don’t post that often so I have learned how to limit my use on Instagram. Well that is how I am different from offline to online!


Activity 2: I chose bitmoji . This avatar  I think  really describes me like I sometimes wear lipstick so I thought that would be a nice feature. I really liked my avatar because I almost have the same color shirt. I chose “Hi” because I thought it would be a way to greet people when they see my avatar.



Activity 3:

About Me: My name is Yasmeen, I am 11 years old.  I am in 6th grade, I have a brother Abdul and live with my mom and dad. Swimming and basketball define who I am, competitive. I also really like fashion, clothes, makeup and things like that. I have a BFF who is Emma and she swims with me. I also have other BFF’s too like Olivia,Violet, Joanie, Annie, Olive, Ryanne, Maya, Eden, Ect. I also Love to draw and bake, and those are 2 more of my main hobbies. Well now that you know how awesome I am, I think we’re done here!