My Passion- Skiing- By Zacharias

My passion is skiing because I have been doing it since I was four years old and now I am apart of a race team. I am very passionate about my ski racing and do the best I can do. Every weekend I go to my ski mountain called Butternut and I train Saturday through Sunday. Sometimes I have a race on one of those days and that is why we train a lot. I am not very competitive about it but I enjoy it and work very hard each weekend to get my skiing skills to a good point. We have a practice course almost every time we go to training so we can practice going into gates and smacking them down.

 I love when I hockey stop and the fresh powder sprayed in my face. When that happens I feel very refreshed and I can keep on doing my training and racing. When I am the start gate I get zoned in on what I am doing and I look around to see how the terrain is because it is important to see in the ground is icy or powdery. I have to do this to see how much on edge in need to be. When they say….. Go, I take a deep breath and then I push myself with all I have and I tuck halfway down the track and then I tuck for the end. After I stopped, the spectators took the bib that had my number and then I went to the lodge and ate lunch. That is what a race is like in skiing.

 I think that skiing was a passion for me when I first started, but when I joined the race team I felt a totally different feeling about skiing and I wanted to do the best I could do without getting hurt. I have been in the race team for four years so I have improved a lot and for that I am grateful to my coaches for training me the right way. I am always a little nervous for the races because I do not know if I am going to do good or not. I really like skiing and I think that others should enjoy racing even if they do not do good because the way that  I look at it is that is an achievement for me. I really like my skiing and one day I hope to end up in senior ti-state league. Again my passion for skiing is strong. So ski on!!!

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Holiday Post BY Zacharias

I celebrate two holidays. The two holidays that I celebrate are Hanukkah and Christmas. Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that involves God. The part that I like about Hanukkah is that you get a kind of chocolate that is called gilt. It has an eight day span to it and there is a special thing to show each and every day. This special thing is called a Menorah. It holds eight candles and you put one candle for each and every day.


Christmas is a completely different story. Christmas is a Catholic Christian holiday. You probably think about it as Santa and presents and a and all. Really Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and not Santa Claus and a Christmas tree but I like to think about it too. Those are the two winter time holidays I celebrate.

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Last Blogging Post – By Zacharias

I really liked the blogging challenge because it taught  me a lot about how to blog and I really enjoyed it. One thing that I really enjoyed was the one about halloween because that is my second favorite holiday. For the halloween blogging challenge I did The Scarred Man  and I really enjoyed it . This was a really great experience for me because I have never blogged in my life. I thank you for giving me a really good experience. Happy blogging and blog away.


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Week #7 Space By Zacharias

One reason I really love space is because it is a place that you could wonder about and there is no right or wrong reason because we just do not know what could be out in space.Another thing that inspires me about space is that it is never ending world of wonder.Another thing is that space is a world that has not been fully explored. Some people think that space is a place that is like a world of the monsters. There is nothing  to be afraid of and that space is really a good place. The sun is an amazing 300,00 times bigger than earth. Venus is the hottest planet because it’s temp. is 450 degrees celsius.


Scientists think that an asteroid hit this planet 650 million years ago and that caused the death of all of the dinosaurs. Because of the lower gravity in space a person that weighs 200 pounds on earth wood only amount to 76 pounds on the surface of mars.

It is because of the sun and the moons that we have low and high tides. The solar system formed over 4.6 billion years ago.


My conclusion is that people should read and look up a lot about space because there is so much to be explored. I want you to know that I happen to love space and I love Looking at the stairs and the moon through my telescope.

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Blogging Challenge Week #5 By Zacharias

French Fries in the U.S.A

One popular food in the USA is french fries. One reason I think that this is a popular food is because a lot of people eat them all over the United States. Also another reason I think is that people think that they are “healthy” because they are made out of potatoes. My last reason is that that at McDonalds they serve french fries and people are used to eating them. Also I love french fries and most people do!

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The Scarred Man By Zacharias

In the fog of London, England there was a prowler that lost his left eye in a knife fight and he also had scars all over his right leg .

 This man was looking for somebody to take his next victim to take hostage. In London there was a little boy and he lived with with both of his parents. On a Tuesday night the little boy’s parents went out to dinner and  they left the boy at the house. That night the one eyed man went into the vicinity of the house.

 The prowler went into the house and he opened the door and saw the boy sleeping in the bedroom. He crept silently towards the boy. The boy pretended to be asleep so acted fast and jumped out of bed and ran out of the building. The scarred man was shocked by the boys quickness.  The boy ran all the way to the place that his parents were having dinner that was just a few blocks down the street.

Now the strangler was scared and he ran out of the house and tried to catch up with boy and get him again but he lost the boy at the next ally. The boy went into the place where his parents were having dinner and told them that a scarred man almost grabbed him.

 The boy’s parents ran into the street where they saw a uniformed police officer. The scarred man ran out of an ally right towards them.  The police officer grabbed the scarred man and took him to prison. All of London was calm and quiet. The boy slept well that night.      








Week Three Activity#2 – Zacharias


This is George Washington’s life story. George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 and passed away in the year of 1799.  He was was the very first president of the US and he was the commander- in- chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary. During this man’s life he was called the “father of his country.” George Washington is one of the founding fathers of the United States of America along with other great leaders such as John Adams

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week #1 Blogging Challenge By Zacharias

Activity #1 I am a pretty quiet person and have a lot of friends but in a blog I am careful not to hit something by mistake. I love to blog stuff that I am proud of. In the media world I love to post stuff and share it with my friends. In a blog I am pretty much wh0 I am in the real world.


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Lego Avatar This is the site I used to build my avatar. I love my avatar because it represents me in a way that I like. The tie-die means I love art, the detector and the hardware on the skull head mean I love technology. The skull head is that way because I LOVE Halloween and the bat is because I love bats!   

Activity #3

I am very athletic and I like to play Lacrosse. One of the most cool places I have been is in my sports activities. I love to play soccer, baseball, and other sports like that. When I play sports I think of it as a way to get all of my steam and energy out.That is why I love to play sports!